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Are you drawn to anything that society might think of as dark or morbid?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25343points) June 23rd, 2011

Sometimes while I flip through my old playlists I notice that a lot of the music that I like is pretty dark. There is a lot of goth, industrial, death metal, black metal… stuff that might make your average person look at me a little funny. Certainly not the type of music that someone would look at me and guess that I like. Repo! The Genetic Opera is one of my favorite movies, and it is incredibly morbid. Halloween is all about the shocking and disgusting, let’s just say I’ve never chosen “princess” for my costume.

Vampires and zombies have become really popular, and not quite as shocking to most people. Is there something dark that you’ve always enjoyed, but others might be put off by? Movies, music, maybe you have a closet full of latex and spiked collars? How “dark” is too dark for you?

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All of my rifles have bayonets on them?

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@woodcutter mine too!

I have a collection of vintage post-mortem cabinet photographs. I also love La Calavera Catrinas and I have a tendency to paint skulls or jack o lanterns on a lot of my folk-art projects.

I take rubbings of gravestones, a lot of my poetry is rather dark, and I used to draw pictures of haunted houses and shipwrecks all the time when I was little.

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I’m drawn to natural and man made disasters. I don’t enjoy them of course, but if something happens to thousands of people somewhere, I keep the news channel on until they quit talking about the disaster. My husband had to tell me to turn the television off after several days of news watching after 9/11.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love Rob Zombie, Robert Rodriquez and Quentin Tarantino movies. Ministry is one of my favorite bands.

I may be a bad parent because one of my daughter’s favorite films is Zombieland. She’s seven and knows what double tap means. She also knows it’s all make-believe.

I could spend hours in a cemetery.

I guess nothing too morbid, but I like this stuff better than unicorns and rainbows.

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“She’s seven and knows what double tap means.” LOL, a child after my own heart.

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@ANef_is_Enuf We watched Fright Night (from 1985) not too long ago and that movie had her terrified. She’s seen Zombieland at least 20 times now. lol

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I love Industrial music, (some faves; VNV Nation, Funker Vogt, Wumpscut, Suicide Commando, Grendel) and the Goth culture. My participation as a Goth these days is lacking, I don’t really care to look the part anymore, but I still love everything about it. Everytime I see a Goth stalking down the street I’m all like, power to you, man.

Zombies, of course. While everyone loves zombies today, I’m still drawn to the classic shuffling zombie, rather than the hyper one who sprints and uses firearms. The shuffling ones aren’t really in the spotlight currently.
Why do zombies always have to be so strong, hyper and fast? I’ll just watch Ninja Turtles if I want that. I mean, you’ll never escape from the modern zombie. You know you’re dead. But you ’‘might’’ escape from the classic one. Might. The fact that you probably won’t is what’s awesome.
I also love vampires, but I like the types that people are afraid of, rather than the new kinds that people wanna be like. Such ASS.

I also love stories, incidents, news reports and articles about crime, especially murder. New and old. I also find death, corpses and diseases fascinating. I’m also madly in love with ’‘rearranged” photographs of the deceased.

What is too dark for me. I could probably spend a good night’s sleep in a morgue, or whistle as I remove a liver from a body, but I don’t want to hear a person while they’re dying. I don’t want to see people die, unless it’s in a movie. And I hate worms. Not a good mix for someone who likes zombies and dead people haha.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Well my 9-Zero can’t have a bayo because of that stupid Clinton Chinese import ban. Or was it Bush? And I don’t feel like changing out the front sight and gas block. prolly illegal as hell to do anyway.

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Oh, also, the first movie I ever saw in theaters was Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight when I was 3. I loved it. I used to stay up late with my mom eating cheese and watching Tales from the Crypt. I would hum the theme song along with the tv. I still love that show.

I really love taxidermy, too, and I’m planning on starting a collection of antique medical instruments once I get some more disposable income.

@woodcutter first of all, what is a 9-Zero? Is that a variant of SKS? And where do you live?

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@jonsblond okay, Indiana Jones gave me nightmares when I was 7. I still give her kudos.

I also notice that I love most of the things that everyone else has posted. Apparently my dark side is more significant than I was giving myself credit for.

@Symbeline of course, I’m totally with you on the hyper zombies. That’s just absurd. I watch them, but it just isn’t the same quality.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Oh fuck yeah, I watch em all too. I’m not saying hyper zombies suck. I like them, but they’re not what I came to love zombies for to begin with. As you say, it just ain’t the same.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard 9 Zero= MAK-90, Chinese civi version of the type 56 Kalashnikov. Okla

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@woodcutter as long as you don’t live in a ban state, you can put a bayonet on it or change out the gas block. Be sure to maintain 922( R) compliance, though. Also, Clinton banned military-style weapons imports from China and Bush banned everything else, including anything made by Norinco.

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I’m kind of fascinated by serial killers. Way more so when I was younger (I read a ton of books about them), but it’s still there. I just want to know what makes them tick, you know?

Horror is my favorite genre for books and movies. And I love fast zombies.

I also love movies and books that make me sob uncontrollably. So cathartic!

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@augustlan You’re a better person than me. I’m more fascinated by a serial killer’s actions, behaviours and all than anything else lol.

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Like Fiddle and Symbeline, I dig Victorian post mortem photography/’‘rearranged” photographs of the deceased. I told my girlfriend not long ago that I am interested in medical antiques (the more barbaric looking, the better), antique embalming kits and I really wanted one of these (not this one, per say. I have seen nicer). They’re antique exam tables, and, well, that’s hot. One could have some fun on there. Finally, I love watching documentaries/movies about serial killers.

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@Symbeline Oh, me, too. I still want to know why they are that way, though.

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@augustlan Yeah. Problem is, for that part, we get a lot of theory and stuff. Things about childhood, mental illness or being traumatized by something. I do NOT discount any of that, but it’s like nobody is ever really sure. It gets annoying sometimes lol.

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Being one of the most gentlest people one could ever meet ..I love video games where I can kill/blow up anyone and everything. Games like Saint’s Row and Grand Theft Auto; my character can just walk down the street and kill people. Oh and I absolutely love hitting pedestrians with my vehicles (in the game of course). My partner watches me and shakes her head everytime I say something like “Die, die, die!” ..but she knows I’m just sweet as can be.

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Sometimes I like jokes that are intentionally hurtful or controversial. It’s the shock humor that I find funny, just knowing that it’s bad and people have the balls to face society and say it intrigues me.

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I have this weird fascination with serial killers as I see “the boss” has previously mentioned.
Evil fuckers though they surely were, it’s intriguing to find out what made them tick, I guess.
Stories way back from the time of Jack the Ripper hold a particular point of interest.

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I’ve always been a bit morbid.
I used to take dead, frozen animals for show in tell in elementary school. (Thanks, Mom) I kept cockroaches as pets for 7 years. I’m a total gorehound. I have a collection of animal parts. (Coyote teeth, skunk skull, turtle feet…) I’ve just always been drawn to it, I guess.

In third grade, my teacher called home to tell my parents she was worried about me, because the majority of my work revolved around blood and gore. On this one, you can actually see where she wrote – “You have an enjoyable sense of humor, even if it’s a bit morbid.”
In my defense, I was obsessed with Goosebumps books and it was probably that, along with movies like Jaws and nature documentaries that fueled my imagination.

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I like meatloaf.

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I agree with @augustlan, I am intrigued by serial killers and what makes them commit such hideous crimes.

I am also fascinated with the lives of the poor in Victorian (and before) times. Especially in the cities. The squalor, the prostitution, the various medical treatments etc

My boyfriend always said, when he looks for jewellry for me, he doesn’t go for diamonds or precious stones, he looks for skull and cross bones and crucifixes!

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I really love black and death metal. Some of my favorite bands are Burzum, Darkthrone, Death, Sigh, Dissection, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, Venom, Peste Noire, Bathory, Carcass and of course, Grand Belial’s Key.
It always pisses me off when someone denounces DM/BM as “talentless” or whatever but that’s another rant.

For movies, I usually love the ones that have a lot of gore such as Romero’s trilogy, early Peter Jackson films, some Italian horror such as D’Amato and Argento (never was a fan of Fulci) and medical autopsies.

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In my teens and early 20s I was a bit of a goth, and enjoyed dressing up in all the black lace and velvet faux-victorian costume. But it was mostly a liking of just the clothing and makeup style, rather than any leanings towards the morbid and macabre.

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I am drawn to the darkness inside people. Those that have some kind of black hole inside pulling all light away and leaving a great sense of incompletion. I didn’t plan this. It started happening after I got one of those emptinesses. Now I look to them for understanding and healing. I feel like we can help each other heal, and it makes me feel good (though never good enough) when they say I have helped them heal.

I offer my understanding and I offer a judgement-free zone. Apparently, these are rare commodities amongst us, if not amongst all people. I offer them my care, too, and some of the people I am with seem to feel like my caring is genuine. I can’t tell. I have no idea how other people see me. My self image seems to be so far from other people’s.

I want to feel like I’m making a difference. People have told me that I am, and I believe them, but…. but…. I still feel like this emptiness inside makes me a person that most people are uncomfortable with. Interesting, perhaps, but also discomfiting.

Most people run from the darkness. They leave those people to take care of themselves. They think they are not responsible. Not psychologically healthy (duh) and that it is their responsibility to make themselves healthy before they will deign to consort with them. The dark people make most people in society uncomfortable. People to turn from and pretend you don’t see.

Ah piffle. It’s all melodrama and bullshit. My own little hangup. I attach way too much importance to it.

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I’ve studied serial killers for over 10 years, along with the paranormal, the occult, unexplained disappearances, mysterious disappearances, mysterious deaths, ect. I’ve always been interested in these kind of things. I’m like Fox Mulder except no one pays me anything.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard —Ya I have looked into that. This weapon was bought unfired and works perfectly and I have read that swapping out a new factory gas block with a used one is prone to having leaks there. Everything else has been made compliant to include the trigger group, stock, and gas piston. Five parts and it would be legal if not for the fact I got a non US made muzzle brake on so now it means I have to change one more part to offset that. The non US quad rail would be the logical choice and will look into that soon. Till then I’m gaining 3 more US parts count by using Tapco mags. So right now I’m well over my number. I’ll probably live with no bayo on that one rifle. Really it’s the lack of the cleaning rod that bugs me more.
I showed this weapon to my sis in law and she freaked out and couldn’t believe we keep stuff like that. Her position was “do you really need that?” My position was, “do you really need seat belts I tried to make this in wisper but it didn’t work, sorry.—

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I like watching surgical procedures and seeing gruesome injuries.
I’m really interested in criminals, especially serial killers.
I like BDSM as long there’s no blood drawn.
I like learning about what goes on in the minds of the mentally disturbed.
Hallucinogenic drugs are also really cool to me.

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I’m into crime and especially serial killers.
I like to learn about odd diseases.
Funeral and burial procedures.

All sorts of odd shit.

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Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday. I am so into the paranormal, Halloween creepy type movies, costumes, freakish makeup. I loveit

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I find extremes beautiful in any sense. I enjoy taking the mind and the spirit and using it as a catalyst for the expression of everything, through experience, with a knowing and willing and open mind and spirit, to know oneself enough that one can both; experience these things as well as not allow it to infiltrate our psyche to such an extent that you ever feel that you have to amagalmate the experience that by not allowing yourself to release it, that you destroy it by possessing it.

It is like art, or music or anything else to experience it, is one thing, to make it a part of you is foolish. This is why artists create “black art” because by creating it, they remove it from the psyche and get it out. and in our observing it, we too can be healed for the experience.

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