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What do you think of the name "Reverie"?

Asked by QueenOfNowhere (1868points) June 24th, 2011

I love it… It means being lost in a thought, a daydream… It is pretty unique but I think it is a wonderful female name. What’s your opinion?

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Sounds a little too similar to Reverend, as in a preacher.

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It’s a lovely word, but an awful name.

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Elmur Fudd saying lovely is my immediate thought.

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@ucme Scooby Doo saying Reverie is my immediate thought.

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Hee hee hee hee, rat’s right ruiser.

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I’m with @meiosis. The word itself is great, but I don’t think words able to be used in conversation should be used as names.

For the sake of trivia, the word has an archaic meaning – “wild or uncontrolled behaviour; wantonness, revelry; an instance of this”.

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Honestly? Not a good name. It’d be mispronounced often, and though the word itself and its definition are pretty, I don’t think it works as a name.

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As a word, it is great, but as a name, not so much.

No one would know how to spell it.

It doesn’t have a pleasant sound.

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Isn’t that what is played on the bugle to wake up Asian soldiers?

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Yeah, I’m with the others here – I don’t like it as a name. There is some evidence and some more that what you name your child can affect their personality and success in life. So choose carefully.

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Welcome to Fluther. What you get is a lot of honest answers, sometimes delicately put; sometime, not. I have to agree with the others. Having an unusual name myself, I named my kids Dick and Jane. I think the connotations of “reverie’ include day dreamy, dopey, inattentive, and not with it. How about using it as a middle name.?

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Reminds me of Ravel. It flows and sounds melodic. In this day and age—all the names I’ve seen—this is a lot better than most.

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The poor kid that gets saddled with this name is in for a lifetime of:

“What the hell kind of name is that?” “How do you spell that” “I’m sorry, can you spell that again?” “Did you say that was with two v’s or one” “I’m sorry, one more time, spell it slowly this time.” “Is that like Paul Revere or something?” “Who thought up that name?” “Do your siblings have weird names too?” “I have a cousin named Kaitlyn only her mom spelled it Kaetlinne and another cousin named John only her mom spelled it Jean, like the girls name and it’s super-confusing.” “Wouldn’t you rather just have a normal name like Robert?” “One of our teacher’s can’t pronounce foreign names, so she’s just going to give you a nickname like Jeff or Tom anyway. That poor Nuguyen kid got stuck with Rex.”

Don’t do it.

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I don’t like it. Why would a person be named for being lost in thought or a daydream. It may not fit the person’s personality at all. Maybe it could be a silly nickname at best.

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