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If you could have chosen your name at birth what name would you have picked for yourself?

Asked by gooch (5734points) April 27th, 2008 from iPhone

Would you have chosen somthing different?

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Legal name is Tommy (go by Tom) everyone assumes it is Thomas… So probably Thomas.

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John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

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Honestly… I love the name I was given…Adina. :-)

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My name is Troy it doesn’t sound grown up to me. Even though I am. I don’t know what I would have named myself though. My mom named me after Troy Donahue… I was born in the 60’s.

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Joe. Although what I got (Dave) isn’t too bad.

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I would prefer aiden. I just always thought that was a cool guys name. And much more exciting then a boring name like john

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bells or tara what I got was emily

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im zachary, but i would like to be named joel.

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I like that I was named after my great grandfather, but Pablo, the spanish version of my name, would be cool.

Peter Fitzentite has a nice ring to it.

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I like the name I was given (Allison).

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I’d rather have been named after my grandma Rosa.

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My name is Dustin Hoffman. I’d love the name Tyson, Timber, or a boy name that can be shortened to Bree. Maybe Brennan?

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I would’ve been happy with a name that could be pronounced and spelled correctly across different languages and doesn’t mean something different in a different language…..but I guess that wasn’t at the top of my parents list when naming me after my grandad.

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I like the name I was given…Monica. My mom said that my dad took the day off from work especially so he could name me….He did take the day off when my brothers were born….

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I think if I was given the choice to name myself it would have just been more of a sound effect like, umm or bamf or maybe woo.

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Or a symbol…

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or: Princess Consuela Bananahammock

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right now it’s camiel, camiel benjamin to be exact, and i don’t know anything more cooler to replace that…

any ideas? maybe iwamoto ?

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Ernest. It was my twin brother’s name. and my grandpa’s name. He was an awesome guy. Also, when everyone guessed which one I was they always guessed ernie because it was more interesting.

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either johnny or mike

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Danger would be my middle name.

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My name is Dana. I don’t hate it, but my husband tells me I don’t look like a Dana? He says I have a “Dana personality”, whatever that is…..

I don’t think that, even if I hated it, I could change my name. My mom fell in love with the name when she was in high school. Her english teacher’s name was Dana. She had never heard that name before, and she thought it was beautiful.

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I like my name (Hannah) but I’ve always loved the name Isabel. I think thats why people name there future kids names they like because they wanted that name :) like i’ll name my future child Isabel!

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@Haight, you’re right on there! But my wife wouldn’t let me make the boy’s middle name “Danger”.


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Aw why not? That’d be so cool!!

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Well, there’s always the next one.

(OMG! What did I just say?!?!?)

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Haha!!! Go for it!

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Uncle Fezziwig

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Justin Case

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boffin: A guy from Anti-Flag chose Justin Sane.

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Mike Oxlonger
Guthy Renker Jr.

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Ok. So I’m at my house with my friend Andy and I asked him what he would pick and he said he’d name himself Oliver Klozeoff. (Hint: Say it out loud.) Haha.

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Not a “Flutherer”
...Doesn’t count…..

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John Sweeny

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I’m sure I used to work with a John Sweeny…..or was it McSweeny…?

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Or was it McLovin?

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maybe beowulf or wiglaf i dunno

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My parents debated naming me Angela, and I wish they would have. Easier for people to get the right spelling and way hotter than my real name. (Teddi)

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My mom named me Katharine and everyone calls me Kate, both of which I think are lovely, strong names (not to be arrogant). However, if my mom had named me in the tradition of our family (oldest daughters are Alice, youngest daughters are Julia, though single daughters can be named either) I would not have minded Julia. It’s my mother’s, my grandmother’s, and my great-grandmother’s name, and I would have been called Julia, not a nickname like the rest of my family (my great-grandmother was Buddy, my grandmother is Julie or Dubby and my mother is Jill).

Well, that was certainly a long-winded answer…

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My real name is Janine, but I go by Jan. I always wanted to be a Liz (Elizabeth).

My daughter’s name is Kady, when she was little she wanted to be a Michelle. Now she loves her name, because it’s different. Except when stupid ppl pronounce it CAD-EE. It’s K D.

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i love my name VANESSA VIVIANA, its so cute dont you think? but if I had to choose another name it would be Isabelle so that people could call me Bella or Mya (pronounced myuh) but I am going to name my daughter that…. so yeah!

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How does one get Mya from Isabelle? Just wondering…

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Zee would have been great. It became my nickname about twenty years ago, and I like it way better than my real name, Ron. Ron is sooooooo boring. Ronald McDonald, Ronald Reagan, Bad Ronald (a movie from the 70’s, I think) Ron has too many negative connotations for me. I hate it. That and people like to call me Ronnie, which I try to tell them is short for Veronica. They simply smirk and tell me that’s what I get for wearing a skirt in public. sigh, the salesman said it was a kilt.

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I don’t know the answer…so many choices…but my mom said she almost named me Jade. I think that would have been cool…

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i like the name adrianne i just think that it is a beautiful name

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