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If a kid was President of the U.S. what would happen?

Asked by erichw1504 (26396points) June 24th, 2011

Imagine for a minute that a kid (age 8 – 15) became our President.

What would he or she do? What would the new President declare during a speech? What new law would he/she enact? What changes would he/she make to our country and the White House? How would other countries react?

Come up with some funny and creative answers!

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- Not putting out tax

- Free videogame and wifi access in the constitution.

- Blow the budget on weed.

(talking about 15yo)

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Why in fuck’s name would we elect a goddamn goat for president in the first place.

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@Lightlyseared Nice catch, sir. That was the inspiration for my question!

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@Blondesjon well George W Bush got ellected

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You never know. Maybe it would be more fun and peaceful.

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Everybody gets jelly beans. Everybody has an iphone and a facebook page. The only war is online and everyone must particpate or they go to jail where they learn to use the internet. No girls allowed. Period.

Oh, and I’m eight.

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I agree with @markylit , but I also thnk:
There wouldn’t be anymore mean things, just happy things.
Probably no more wars or homeless people (for me)
Everyone would get a hug twice a day
Free jellybeans wherever you go
You must pet a puppy once a day
No more educatin

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There will be an Angry Birds National Holiday, Tour of Duty National Holiday and Grand Theft Auto National Holiday and…

Oh, and on Halloween, only whole bags of chocolate should be given to kids and it’s a crime if you don’t…huh!

Oh, and Air Force One will have Justin Bieber’s face on it and Spongebob will be sitting on the lap of that humongous Lincoln guy with the beard, and the Liberty lady will be sitting down resting while a Hannah Montana statue raises that torch for America!

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He’d start WW3 because at a UN meeting he stuck whoopie cushions under everyone else’s seats.

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@King_Pariah Yes, and it’s not going to help when President Kid, during diplomatic meetings would pick a flower saying, “Bomb you not, bomb you, bomb you not, bomb you…”

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Palin still would face an intellectual challenge.

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Everybody would get a pizza delivered to their house every friday night.

Instead of votes being taken by stating aye or nay, the senators and congresskids would say yuh huh and no way.

There would not be anymore overnight filibusters unless someone’s mommy or daddy was there to chaperone. Most filibusters would end around 11:30 p.m. because that is when all of the soda and jelly beans and fruit roll ups would wear off and the congresskids would all be conked out.

Instead of having important meetings and press conferences in the Oval Office, these actions would take place in the treehouse fort that the new President would have built upon his inauguation.

Instead of filet mignon and caviar and champagne being served at official functions, the new menu would include corn dogs, chicken nuggets and Hawiian Punch. And everybody would get to take home a goody bag with some M&M’s with the Presiden’t initials on them, a miniature plastic white house, that also doubles a spy ring with a secret compartment for skittles, a Presedential Pokemon toy, and some Presidential wet wipes, just in case someone has an accident in the car on the way home.

Instead of allowing V.I.P guests to stay in the Lincoln bedroom, a life sized Lincoln Log guest house will be built out on the lawn, where guests can camp and make s’mores and roast hotdogs over a campfire.

Airforce One will be equipped with Disney and Pixar videos, NO bags of peanuts will be allowed (‘cause some of the Senators have allergies) and bottles of Benadryl will be available to be administered by the flight attendants to any whiny, or un-ruly cabinet members or press personnel. Flight attendants will also escort the junior members of congress to the restroom and make sure that they use hand sanitizer. The barf bags will be emblazoned with Spongebob images.

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The food pyramid would be reconstructed of:

ice cream
gummy worms
chocolate milk

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Hm what did King Tut do?

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More arts and crafts. That’s what would happen. :]

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Free ice cream for all who wanted it.


Well, if you had elected me at 8, that would definitely be one of the planks of my platform. And free entry to Six Flags four or five times a summer!

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A kid might nuke Mecca after another Islamist terrorist attack on America.

The brain’s frontal lobe responsible for judgment and impulse control reaches full maturity around the age of 25.

We need adults to keep cool in the face of intense, life-or-death circumstances.

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@aprilsimnel you know… someone tried a similar approach, I believe it was cake instead of ice cream… they got beheaded if memory serves…

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The minimum age for the President of the U.S. is 35. However, there is no provision that he actually be mature. If by some accident we elected a kid, I suspect he would have an evil Cheney-like vice president whispering where he should next attack.

Bush has shown that being immature, sociopath, and just pain ignorant is no barrier to becoming the with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

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“What is this fuzzy stuff between my toes? Should I go see a doctor?”

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