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What is a word that is amazingly cool in your imagination, but in reality, it's not THAT cool?

Asked by keobooks (14310points) June 24th, 2011

I remember when my cousin told me he was cooking the holiday bird with a turkey cannon one year. I was SO excited. I had no idea what a turkey cannon was, but it had to be cool with a name like that.

I knew it most likely wouldn’t launch turkeys through the air, but it had to have the name “cannon” for a good reason, right? Perhaps when it was done cooking, it made a loud exploding noise. Perhaps at least, you got to stuff the turkey into the device as if you were loading a cannon.

In actuality, it’s pretty handy, but nowhere near as cool as the name is. Its just this thing that you fill up with liquid and stick in the turkey cavity to make it more moist and cook faster. Handy. I want one—but nowhere NEAR as cool as the name “turkey cannon” might lead you to believe.

Do you have any words like that?

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pussyfart, not really farts thank goodness

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Turd Blossom – G.W. Bush called Karl Rove his Turd Blossom.

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Bung Plug

This is what a bung plug is. It’s basically a stopper for an industrial barrel.

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Has nothing to do with penisses.

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@Kardamom That reminds me of ’‘bunghole’’ which is a funny word, and that, beyond it being a classic on Beavis & Butthead.

I love the word defenestration. Such a big complex word, just for the meaning of throwing something out the window. I have defenestrated a bung plug. Lol.

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I assumed that a nipple wrench was a tool a guy used to help his sweetie out of her accoutrements prior to laying some pipe.

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Macron. It drifted across the ol’ brain one day as I was thinking of names for the cat that I might get at some point. I didn’t remember right away what a macron was, so it sounded like the name that you might give to a certain class of sci-fi aliens. “Make way for Queen Cedilla of the Macron Empire!”

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@Nullo I was thinking that it was a shortened version of Macaroni and Cheese.

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