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Do you owe favours or others owe you ?

Asked by Hibernate (9063points) June 24th, 2011

Could be any favour… from sexual ones till you owe someone your life. You get the idea.

Discuss please.

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I don’t owe nothing to nobody.

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I owe the people in my life many more favors than they owe me, I’d say. My personal bank account is in debt.

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No one owes me a thing.
I owe Vunessuh an apology for leaving her at the train station as an infant.

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I owe all you jellies an apology for having to smell the stench that is @queenie.

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I am in constant debt when it comes to that!

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An ex-friend owes me $1,500 for bailing him out of jail (hence the “ex” part)

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I have helped a lot of people and am clearly on the credit side. I’m not worried about collecting. I can sleep easy knowing if I ever needed something, I’d get it.

The guy I helped with his legal troubles has told me “As long as I am sucking air, I’ll do whatever you need.” He means it.

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Half of my friends owe me like $80 worth of awesome lunches.

I think I also owe one of my guy friends a hickey on his neck…I don’t know, I’ll get back to you on that.

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I always pay back my debts, and I never lend anyone anything. I give it.

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I do more for others than is done for me. But, on the other hand, I don’t ask anything of anyone.

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I don’t like to make myself owe something from someone. I will owe someone if that person did someone I asked that person to do, not when they offer their ‘help’ and expect something in return from me.

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I owe my ex husband a good deal of money, I owe several friends return favors I’d love to pay along the lines of entertaining them or putting them if they can come to visit. Other than that, I don’t owe anybody per se and my friends aren’t the sort who keeping a tit-for-tat tally of good times.

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My wife and I are making a list of the “special favors” we will be “owing” for that week coming up when both boys are going to be away at camp. The list is getting longer every day! :))

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My brother owes me a bottle of vodka and some Fritos.

Sneaky bastard stole them from me the other night.

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Any favors I’ve done do not require payback, but I hope it’s paid forward. I try to thank people (a multitude) at the time of the favor. I believe we are all in this world together and we all need help from time to time. I don’t count favors and i don’t think my friends do either.

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I owe a few people apologies that I have no intention of giving just yet. A few people owe me apologies.
My friend owes me some money, but I have not intention of bringing it up, ever, so the point is moot.
I owe my friends some fun time, because I’ve been giving them lots of grief lately.

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I don’t believe in keeping score, but I do believe in reciprocity.
I ‘owe’ no one and the only person who ‘owes’ me is my daughter who is paying back a loan.

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I either give it to your or I don’t. Never lend.

I either take it from you or I don’t. Never borrow.

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@KatetheGreat Vodka and Fritos? what’s that like assuming they are consumed together?

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I’m pretty square with the world I think.

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I don’t owe and nobody owes me. I don’t live my life in terms of doing so that I receive. If I do something for someone, it is because that seems like the right thing for me to do. If because of that, something good happens for me, great. If it doesn’t that’s cool too.

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I feel indebted to the caring people who have show their love and concern for me over my lifetime.

I don’t concern myself with what others may owe me. That is not so important to me.

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Thanks for replies ^^

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OKAY! It turns out I don’t owe my guy friend a hickey on his neck. Appearently, some chick already gave him one. PSSH! Whatever.

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