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As the newly elected President of the Western world, your first decisions would be...

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) June 24th, 2011

What would you do? How would you achieve all the things you want Obama et al to do – like the wars, the economy, the unemployment…

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But seriously, tax those stingy masters of the universe.

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Bulldoze “K” Street and make it into a free water-park for kids.

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“Utopia” and over engineering will be at the core of most of my decisions.

- Introduce a new tax system where the people are initially taxed hard, but pay less taxes as each year as each year passes. I’ll need cash to fund all my changes.

- Tripple road capacities, introduce special roads and tunnels just for emergency services, introduce special roads for motorbikes only, introduce special roads for large vehicles, widen all the roads to twice their size and up the speed limit by 50%, introduce special motorways for cars with no speed limit, introduce more parking places and totally change the entire transport system.

- Roll out high quality free education for all at all levels.

- Roll out high quality free health care for all people.

- Set up government run businesses that provide goods and services, so that we can use the profit they generate to boost finances, kind of like a tax and social security system that generates it’s own cash. Buy a burger for $3 at a government burger stand, $1 going in to ingredients, staff and costs, and $2 going in to tax funds.

- Set up government run buildings that specialize in getting people off the streets and educating them and putting them back on track.

- A lawless neutral-zone where anarchy rules, for anyone who wants to opt out of the new changes.

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Transfer all funds from defence to science. I want those replicators and matter antimatter reactors asap.

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First, I would like to say, god help all of us if I ever become president.

I would spend massive amounts of money on science and engineering. I would defund the military in many ways (I would keep the nukes. We need the threat of violence to keep safe.)
I would legalize drugs of all kinds, not because I use them, but because I believe I have the right to if I want to. Lots of things would be legalized.
I would make three strikes laws illegal. I would impose harsher sentences on violent criminals, and keep the nonviolent out of prison.

I’m afraid I would also spend more than Sarah Palin on my wardrobe.

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Carefully considered.

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Attempt to make it a federal offense for any third party payer to attempt to discover anything about the nature of the treatment provided by a physician to a patient, except the fee.

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Unless the corrupt, intransigent two party system of mutual obstruction and derision was totally eliminated, my first act would be to resign.

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How many parties would make it less corrupt and intransigent?

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Implement a plan to shut down all nuclear power plants by 2030 and all fossil fuel power plants by 2040.

And health insurance for every citizen.

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Child benefit for the first two children and a tax on the third.

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