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Do we have any gay people in New York that will now be getting married?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19003points) June 24th, 2011

New York just legalized gay marriage. Well, the Senate approved it, but the governor is expected to sign it, seeing as how it’s “his” bill.

So, gay New Yorkers, will you be getting married? Are you heading down to the Justice of the Peace fast as you can before religious groups from another state try to take it away from you, or will you be planning a slightly fancier shindig?

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Let me just say that I am so fucking thrilled about this!!!!!

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@Jude OMG ME TOO!!!

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It is about time! I have a feeling my BIL might, but they have never said anything specifically regarding it. He and his SO do wear matching “bands” basically the equivalent to wedding bands. They are event planners, so I can only imagine how fantastic that party will be if it does happen.

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I’m grinning ear to ear. @JLeslie, that would be wonderful!

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Hawaii_Jake: will you marry me?

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I’m marrying all of the lesbians here. That’s right.

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Jude is going to have a harem. Oh, I think that was a different Q.

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It’s great news. No matter how much you believe and want wrongs and injustices to be corrected, no matter how quickly you want it to happen, when it comes to social change the walls are going to have to be torn down one section at a time. Another section of the wall has been torn down. Good for you, New York.

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I always found it ironic that the super religious claimed allowing gay marriage would violate the sanctity of the practice.

Apparently forgetting that marriage existed thousands of years before Christianity…. often consisting of multiple wives and homosexual marriages…. all with no mention of any god.

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That’s wonderful news!

I sure hope the ASS-marriage* forces abide by the Quinnipiac poll numbers showing that 58% of the state’s residents approve of same-sex marriage, and don’t attempt to use the electoral process to take away the rights of same-sex couples like they did in CA.

*Anti Same Sex-marriage.

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