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Do you have a keepsake from your childhood?

Asked by Sunny2 (18773points) June 24th, 2011

Some people have a souvenir or two of when they were young: a well-worn teddy bear; a Little League trophy etc. I have a small ceramic Kerry Blue terrier like one we had while I was growing up.
Anybody else?

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I still have my first teddy bear. His name is Cuddles.

I was also really into Scrooge McDuck when I was little, and I have several Scrooge dolls from when I was little.

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A couple of comics that weren’t thrown out (grrrr – mom), a picture I drew in kindergarten (it’s an antique now) and my baby shoes.

I have corrected this and kept lots of stuff from my kids’ childhood.

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I have a white mostly still stuffed terrier-like toy dog which I received when I was an infant. It got grey and a broken front leg. My mother named it schmutsich which in Yiddish means dirty!


I have a small stuffed brown beaver with yellow eyes named “Chico Sprat”.

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A little stuffed pink witch doll named Hilda. She has red and white leggings and is dressed in pink with pink hair. She is awesome and ratty looking.

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I was pretty merciless about getting rid of items from my youth. My only childhood keepsake is a tattered little blue velveteen bunny with a music box in him that plays a lullaby. It’s a memory of my favorite place and my favorite person – my grandmother. I would visit her once a year, and she always had him waiting for me. She would tuck me in, wind him up, and tell me “Night night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite”.

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I’m loving all these answers. Amazing how little things like this arouse such sentimental feelings and I think I’m feeling them too!

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I have a pair of the original Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls from the early 1940’s, I would bet.

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I think all my old toys are up in my mom’s attic still. The only thing I have here with me is a stuffed chipanzee, the one with the white sneakers and the right hand with the permanent peeled banana holding it. yellow top and red suspenders. Anyone have one of those?

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@gailcalled Can you feel the candy hearts inside? (Unless the dolls got wet and the candy dissolved.)


@woodcutter I think I remember seeing one at a local fair once, a long time ago.

By the way, as a kid, I also had a stuffed “toy soldier” who I named “Tommy”. He had on a bright red uniform and blue pants, and wore a black velvety helmet. He had round plastic blue eyes and a red button nose, and carried a small rifle at his side. I wonder if anyone remembers this stuffed toy? He appears in the movie “What’s Up Doc?” with Barbara Streisand and Ryan O’Neal, in the scene where the two bumped into each other in the airport souvenir shop. When I saw that movie, I was surprised to see my Tommy in that film.

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In the dictionary if there is an entry for Pack Rat, my face would be in the running for that illustration. I have a footlocker in which I keep my special treasures, but I have toys (and parts of toys) that trigger vivid memories of a very happy childhood. I know someday will come the great pruning; which should have happened decades ago I’m 50, but in my soul I feel I am still 12.

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@Sunny2: The Raggedy Ann has a painted red heart on her chest with “I love you” on the inside. I don’t believe that there was ever candy inside either one of them.

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@gailcalled I guess the candy hearts were in the 1930’s version and there was no painted heart.

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I still have the teddy bear toy that I got from the day I was born. It’s a little light brown bear with a rattle on the inside. I don’t have a whole lot of toys from when I was young. I do wish that I had this toy ballerina dancer music box that my grandma accidentally gave to my cousin.

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My mom has a few things. She has a drawer with things from when my sister and I were little. My first bikini, two dresses my aunt knitted for me when I was born, and probably a few other things I am not aware of. She also has a picture of a turkey I painted for thanksgiving framed and still up on a wall.

As for me, I don’t think I do have anything here in my house from my childhood, except that I do have some things from my grandmother’s house that remind me of growing up and being with her.

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I have a cuddly toy (a Boxer type dog to be precise) that I wouldn’t dream of getting rid of. He doesn’t look great, he’s been sewn back together many times and he isn’t the cleanest, but he’s the most comforting cuddly toy I have ever had.

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I have a small plane made by my grandad out of shell casings WW2

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I had a doll that I cut all the hair off of and named “Baby Cartoon”....can’t find her now…
She was so creepy that I think she just crawled off into the night and is under your bed ;)

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I still have my baby blanket my grandmother knitted for me before I was born. She used the colors blue and white because they thought for sure I was going to be a boy.

I let my sons use it when they were babies. I just can’t part with it.

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