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Men: what annoys you most about women?

Asked by JLeslie (57051points) June 24th, 2011

Go ahead, generalize, stereotype, or just complain about your SO or female coworkers.

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A seeming propensity for manipulativeness or just being lead on in general.

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The fact that they don’t seem to understand a few basic tenets about the differences between the sexes, and insist upon the possibility of changing us.

Ask what are we thinking about – and be upset by the answer “nothing” when in fact we are thinking about nothing. In between the hunts, we’re allowed to gather our thoughts and clear our minds and think about nothing. In this day and age, this could be about Pamela Anderson’s boobs and whether they are small or big again (so, nothing) or about the game shot last night (do you want to hear my thoughts about Dirk Nowitzky – hey… you asked) or about that stupid commercial that just came on… nothing. What’s the big fucking deal?

Another thing – going into the relationship, certain things were understood and established; concering neatness, or pertaining to esthetics. You want a model, you want someone to clothes shop with – I hear gay friends are all the rage.

Time away from you with friends is just that. If you are the jealous type, it has nothing to do with how much time I spend away from you – it has to do with YOU. Five minutes can be an eternity – to a crazy -insane JEALOUS person.

I could go on, but I’m boring myself. This should be as clear as fucking Mars and Venus.


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My wife occasionally annoys me, but I attribute that to me and her, not to her entire gender.

My primary annoyance now is the parking situation around my house, and I have no idea what the gender is of whoever parked the car that’s partially blocking my driveway.

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Boobs. That leads to stiff neck. : )

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Some, not all, but some have an uncanny ability to untie the knots I wrap them up with.

Very annoying.

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@zen is flat out right. It’s annoying when women even attempt to try and change men. And to make matters worse, they use another guaranteed annoying method of accomplishing this and that is comparing their guy to their friends’ husbands or boyfriends. ( or worse, their boss )

Don’t they know that when they compare and say, “Why can’t you be like him?”, what guys actually hear is, “His dick is bigger than yours.” ?

So, when a female acquaintance of mine confided that she just had a fight with her bf and that she compared him with me ( ! ) ( of all people ) , I told her try not to make the same mistake again. Do not compare. If she wants him to do something like learning how to cook or watch a ballet with her, present it in the form of a suggestion first. And continue mentioning the subject, once a week but never, never every day or heaven forbid, every 3 hours.

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I don’t care about his dick being bigger than mine – it could be a12 incher – what guys hear is the even more emasculating version – that your dick is much smaller than his.

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Now what happens if we swap ‘women’ for white, black, Jew or Christian? Will we have to put on our PC gloves first or just start slugging like now?

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Have any of you considered rethinking your taste in women? I think you’ll find if you stop frequenting psych wards for speed dating, you’ll have more luck in love…

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All the good ones are taken or lesbian.

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I meant drama in general, not just in relationships. My ex was pretty drama-free.

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@Zen about the changing you thing. That hits home for me because I think it’s more like men present themselves as one thing in the dating stage, they change, then they charge women with nagging when we call foul and try to get back the guy we agreed to be with.

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Every woman I’ve had the pleasure of spending quality time with has affected a change upon me. For better or worse, I am better for it. And my knot tying skills are becoming quite proficient.

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Why are you hearing words about your genitals when women speak plain English to you? That’s got to suck. Maybe try Q tips? ;)

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The way they ask you seemingly harmless questions, invite you to be honest and then… ;-)

Possible store scenarios
1 Honey, what do you think of my dress?
me: ‘I like it.’she: How can you possibly like a dress like that? It makes me look fat.
dangerous regress from here

2 Honey, what do you think of my dress?
me: ‘I don’t like it.’she: Why? ... Do you think it makes me look fat?
dangerous regress from here

3 Honey, what do you think of my dress?
me: ‘I don’t know, let me think.’she: Come on… I want to look good for you… What do you think?
back to scenario 1 or 2

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I am pretty sick of when women blame men for their mistakes, or call us incomplete assholes.

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If my husband asked ” why can’t you be more like her” I would first say, “that’s a really crappy question and you’re being very rude” then I would say ” you should have married her then because I’m exactly the same wife you loved 10 years ago. I haven’t changed, you however have changed quite a bit”....that’s what I would say.


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Well, from my life experience the things I find most annoying in women is their over all lack of logic, allowing emotion to derail perfectly good thinking. Which is why I think women end up with so many douche bag men. They go for flash over substance. Another reason why they flock to plastic surgery.

Which leads to another part, their hypocrisy. They say ”Don’t stare at my chest, look into my eyes” then spend big money on injecting their boobs with plastic, using all sort of contraptions to add a cup size, build instant cleavage, etc. But while they want men to look but don’t look, they stuff themselves into hot uncomfortable bras they do so because if they didn’t and nipple “bullets” show men might look because of that and not the over all size or cleavage they want noticed. They say they want to be seen as humans and not meat but treat the band or science geek like he don’t exist because he is not the star QB.

Their hypocrisy also spills over to the work place where they want to be equals and seen just like one of the boys, yet want everything changed to be women friendly because they are special. If the test requires you have to be able to carry a 350lb male down 6 flights of stairs in under 2.5 minutes and most women could not do it, the women cry foul and want to test soften so more women have a better chance to pass. They want to claim fairness and equality when it suits them and ignore it when it doesn’t.

They slap on the war paint as if they are going to battle and then want me to appreciate a woman’s natural beauty I don’t get a chance to see.

Did I mention the bra hypocrisy thing? Oh, that is one of the tops. Yes, I did, but it deserves another mention.

I could think of more but that is enough for now.

Putting on my flame retardant cloak

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Their lack of interest in SCI-FI or Action movies, and always stuck with the romantic or drama movies. And they complain about drama….

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In general, some women don’t seem to think about or want to discuss deep or philisophical things. I’ve come across the dumbest men I can’t talk about these things with, but some women either don’t want to or don’t care. They only seem to want to focus on local matters like situations within a group of friends or people they know.

But like I said, its general. There are women like Simone that are hardcore activists and she is one of the greatest women and human beings because of that, but she’s not the majority.

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Except that will never get plastic surgery and I dress pretty modestly. But still deal with cat calls as I did at the age of 13
Difference is, then it made me cry and now it only makes me mad
Is that my fault?....that’s what you’re saying? Because I don’t hardly think so, sunshine.

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@hadi91 I am not surprise by the newer generation of those kind of movies seeking a mix emotions with the “manlier” movies. But it to a general woman. Which mean there aren’t that many of your kind of woman….and that annoys me because I can only contribute my thoughts on about that movie to men only.

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@sarahtalkpretty, @JLeslie invited the blokes on this thread to generalise. Stop taking it personally, you don’t have to hang around and defend yourself/read what the guys here have to say if you don’t like the generalizations being thrown around.

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Again, I ask how different would the answers be if we were ‘generalizing’ about an ethnic or religious group? Would anyone attack their intelligence or integrity…would we debate about whether a certain ethnic group had substance or was just shallow? No, we’re far too civillized for that.. I just figured since we’re taking off the gloves I’d take a shot of my own.

Good Night all…


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Guess I was wrong about the drama, huh?

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@sarahtalkpretty Or, we could learn something. Note to self: if my boyfriend says “nothing” when I ask him what’s on his mind. He’s probably telling the truth.

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@Leanne1986 you mean note to all women?

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High pitched voices

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So this is where the guys are! Just wanted to say “Hi” to the boys…. <waves at the boys>

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Is there a point to this question?

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Not annoys, but certainly irritates. The wife always & I do mean always, has to have the last word. No matter how trivial the conversation may have been, her word is final. Not for nothing do females have the larger jaw bone ;¬}

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Nothing that a round of golf won’t make me forget about. Unless they want to join me on the golf course. Then that would annoy me.

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That they want to discuss shit like, “What about me annoys you?”, and suddenly you are in a discussion that, no matter what you say, is going to end badly.

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Thanks guys.

@Leanne1986 got the point right…to learn something.

@sarahtalkpretty I think it would be interesting to hear stereotypes and frustrations with any group. Not on this Q, but maybe another one. Even specifically by gender. Sociologically interesting. Sometimes PC means you never get to really hear what is on people’s minds or being said behind closed doors. I am seriously thinking about writing a Q asking what annoys women about men.

@mazingerz88 That whole dick bigger or smaller thing is totally ridiculous to me. Your thinking that even if the guy at work is simply a coworker?

@bob_ LOL.

@whitenoise Yup.

@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Because women need more talk time and social interaction, and men want to sit around staring into space not talking about what is on their mind.

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@JLeslie I think you may be on to something.

Upon reflection, I think that their amazing status updates just make me feel like my life lacks adventure, and maybe I shouldn’t let it annoy me.

Thanks I learned something on this thread.

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Oh, about the sci-fi, I actually love sci-fi, but I think one of the problems lately is to attract even more men the movies are more violent, and I think most women hate extreme violence, I do.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I think somewhere in the middle is best. A little less facebook and a little more interaction with you about something anything maybe is a good compromise?

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@JLeslie The women who have been in my life have all been amazing, way too good for me.

I need to keep the mystery thing going as long as I can. :)

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<————— this lady loves sci-fi and extreme violence, just sayin’

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Whatever we try helping with household chores, it never seems perfect enough. There’s always something that leads to nagging and criticizing.

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Willingness to get involved with awful men.
Failure to appreciate or even understand feelings of men who are well-meaning, non-threatening and in love with them.

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Good one @bob_! I was quite tired but the question is still valid. Let’s try it this way.
What if you make a thread that encourages ‘generalizations’ of any group of your choice and if (when) irate replies come back, I want to see if you call those people ‘dramatic’...I’m genuinely curious about that. If we made it even something so seemingly benign as ‘sports fans’ and you made a bunch of negative claims about the intelligence, emotional maturity (dramatic is another word for emotional immaturity, is it not?) or personality traits and let’s see how that goes over? Please use your superior logic to explain why it’s ever sit around making sweeping generalizations of people? WHY is it okay when it’s women? Help me comprehend. Is it something like held over anger toward Mother that makes people feel it’s okay to tear into women?

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I never ever ask a man what he’s thinking. Like, do I care? At all? I’m only interested in what I’m thinking.
And, yes; I sometimes wish to change men into civilized human beings. Is that asking too much?
Not into a woman; just civilized.

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Based upon the newest Social Q asked in response to this Q, I find Groucho Marx’s statement about women to ring truer than most men would like to admit.

“As long as women insist upon being man’s equal, they will never realize their superiority”

Annoyingly, I must agree with him. Instead of trying to prove to men, themselves, and everyone else that they can do anything a man can do, and fill any role that a man is typically associated with, I wish more women would see the benefit of actually being a woman, and how society is better all around when they provide that balance.

Please don’t interpret my comments as a “barefoot and pregnant” position. That would be missing the point altogether. The fact is that I appreciate what women provide society, and fully recognize that men are incapable of duplicating their honored position to humanity. But some, not all, but some women don’t feel the same, and insist upon competing with men at every opportunity. Those are the women I avoid like the plague. Their femininity is lost in the pursuit of equality.

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The fact that they always complain about a man saying nothing is wrong, when nothing is wrong. Then, when something is clearly wrong with a woman, they’ll say the same thing. Or there’s the distinct possibility that they’ll say “I’m fine.”, which automatically means it’s your fault.

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@mattbrowne next time she nags, tell her you have options. I’d marry you in a second.

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@mattbrowne I just did that to my husband 2 hours ago. He came home early from his autocross to help me reay the house or a showing, we are trying to sell, and I told him next time start vacuuming in the family room rather than the kitchen. I knew as I said it that it would be very annoying. Funny to see your answer just now.

@sarahtalkpretty Here is a Q for you about Mexicans and some discussion about stereotypes. It’s kind of long, some of the answers are really good towards the end. I only mention it, because you might not be inclined to read the whole thing. Not that you have to read it at all.

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Not really annoying, but just an observation.

Many women desperately want acceptance in the No Girls Allowed Treehouse (Mens Club). They’ll take offense that such a thing even exists.

But hetero males rarely, if ever, want anything to do with the All Girls Tea Party or Doll House (Women’s Social Club). We couldn’t care less and wish you’d spend more time there without us.

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Someone please explain why men should not be expected to clean up their own messes, contribute to household chores and do it well? Are we all adults here? Is fluther some time portal and you guys actually live in the 1950’s? Seriously, what are you guys even talking about? Again, I ask – maternal issues, much? Hopefully, this is mostly Internet BS. @Photosopher Women are appreciated for their unique roles in what capacity? As stay at home mothers? Tell me you’re trolling. Society respects SAHMs at about the same level as janitors. @Photosopher, you don’t want women competing with you – don’t you take pictures for a living? Cameras are not that heavy; what’s the problem? Are you saying women should behave in a more ‘womanly’ manner when they compete with you? I’ve seen Annie Leibovitz in an interview and she’s downright and pushy and ‘masculine.’ I guess that’s why she’s Annie Leibovitz and not some lady taking pictures at Sears.

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The male relatives I know who grew up in the sixties and seventies are very different from older guys. I mean, these dudes blow my mind: babysitting, changing diapers, taking turns feeding babies at 3am, washing and drying dishes…it’s a whole other species from my generation. And their wives? These women go on week long vacations without them and they don’t care!! All the girls get together and fly to vegas or something and leave the kids with grandma (or hubby).

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@Aster that’s a neat story. My story is that I’ve never seen anything remotely that way.

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@sarahtalkpretty “Women are appreciated for their unique roles in what capacity? As stay at home mothers? Tell me you’re trolling.”

@Photosopher “Please don’t interpret my comments as a “barefoot and pregnant” position. That would be missing the point altogether.”

Some women just don’t listen.

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@sarahtalkpretty How the hell did you get all of that negativity from what has been said by the men here? It seems like you have a list of things that annoy you about men? And, go looking for them to give a hint of some sort of macho neanderthal tendency and then you pounce, when they are not tryng to treat women as servants or less than equal.

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@Photosopher yes, that’s what you said – in the most passive aggressive manner possible- I had to thresh it out for you a bit in between a rousing game of EleFun with my kids. I also added more to my post, but you didn’t wait. Is impatience a personal challenge for you or is it a problem for men in general?

sarahtalkpretty's avatar

@JLeslie these generalization questions are a really, really lousy idea. I go looking for them? Take a look at my responses. When have I done that in any past questions? In fact, I gave my position on this question without any controversy at all.

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I love scifi and couldn’t talk my boyfriend into watching it. I also never had a desire to be allowed in the boy’s club, and not much of a desire for the tea party either. There is a problem in generalizations, of course, but I’ve generally found men better house cleaners than me, I just don’t care enough, so if you’ll do anything I’m happy. There is the whole Bill Cosby routine about men being to dumb to clean right and why. And, of course men from the 70’s help with everything- if both are out working??!! of course. We cannot help that you are so hung up on penis size, You could still take me out like johnhunglikeabull takes his wife.

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@sarahtalkpretty “I also added more to my post, but you didn’t wait. Is impatience a personal challenge for you or is it a problem for men in general?”

Your accusations about my apparent impatience are weighed against your inability to think clearly before speaking. Do all women jump to conclusions and accuse others, or is this just a you thing?

Retraction… I know well and good that all women don’t act like that. But some go a long way in contributing to the global presumption that they do. Unfortunate.

@sarahtalkpretty “Yes, that’s what you said – in the most passive aggressive manner possible- I had to thresh it out for you a bit”

Thanks for the analysis. Your talent of reading more into the words that are actually in front of you is duly noted. Please don’t misrepresent my comments further.

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You know… as a woman, I’m fully prepared to say that women are much more annoying than men. My proof? Did you see any men butting in to the “what annoys you about men?” question, with their panties up their asses, determined to start a fight?

Aside from the psychotic, catty ravings…. I love this thread, and I’ve found it both humorous and informative!

And I shall endeavor to praise my husband for doing the dishes, instead of saying, “Honey, you didn’t do it right!”

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@sarahtalkpretty Huh? Not that you look for these type of questions, that you look for men to fuck up. To say something or do something you can hate.

@WillWorkForChocolate I loved it to. I did not expect it to be as fun as it turned out to be when I wrote it. I need to check out the what annoys ou about men Q, I didn’t realize one was actually started.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Here ya go. @sarahtalkpretty could have a blast over there.

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I always say it’s a wonder the species has survived this long.
Really, I think my present day philosophy of 20 acres, 2 houses and a picnic table in the middle would lower the divorce rates. :-D

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@sarahtalkpretty Here is what I want to know. How many men have treated you like total shit? I’m thinking a lot. Or, one or two really did a number on you. Stop for a moment and be a little introspective. If men are really crappy to you, I promise there are good men out there. Get yourself a good one.

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Ok, I got one. What’s with all the whining about the toilet seat? Just put the damned thing down yourselves! Don’t you look before you sit down?


In general, their indecisiveness, their yappiness, and their whininess. American women, especially, seem to go off the handle when they think, even for a second, that they’re being treated unfairly or badly by men when in fact a lot of women behave WORSE than men. They are overly sensitive and can’t seem to “take it on the chin” like men can——for example, men can usually take jokes directed at their gender very well, but women? Um, no.

bob_'s avatar

How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?



@bob_ Lol. Exactly what I mean too. (I think I just opened a whole can of worms here. Just watch…). But I’m leaving. Seeing all the counter comments and yap-yap will be only verify what I claimed! Hehe.

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Holy smokes. Did this thread ever change. One woman comes in here and screws it up for the rest of us. I was happy just sitting and reading what the men thought. I wasn’t going to post anything until I came back and read all the stuff @sarahtalkpretty posted. She completely derailed the thread.

Men….please continue.. :)

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I don’t meet many that like zombies. Fuck em.

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@bob_ That’s not funny. Not because it’s offensive, but because you forgot to bring the funny.

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@Symbeline I think you’ve given me inspiration for a Q. Stay tuned.

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oops, not a man. and I see @bob_ already answered. XD

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I can’t think of anything.

I love women.

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@bob_ I’m offended you called me dude. I’ve got tits man. wtf? hate speech, I tell ya

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@jonsblond “Dude” is gender-neutral. You can ask Simone, she Simone will back me up.

Also, this.


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well, if Simone says…..sigh

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I had started to write an answer on the Q what women hate about men, then I erased it, because I felt a little bad about the generalization ironically. Now after @MRSHINYSHOES answer (we seem to be butting heads lately) I think I am going to go ahead and write it.

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Otherwise, my wife is really great. And I know I’m not perfect either.

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Is it too late to answer? Damn.. oh well…

I’m with @bob_ on the toilet seat thing.
Other than that, if you like me, come up and offer to buy me a drink. In other words, women want men to make the first move, and I’m usually too drunk to do so.

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Did I mention they flake way too often? “Oh, you’are a the bar already? Sorry! I am on a date with that guy I told you about. I think he really likes me!”

Okay, done with the bitterness. Had a bad night.

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@roundsquare It’s all good, man. :)

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