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Can anyone explain to me what the law is in New York state in regards to who issues an IEP Diploma?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) June 25th, 2011

My son graduated from a New Jersey ABA school. We live in New York. The other graduates Districts are giving them Diplomas. Our District told the school we don’t do this.
Why would our District behave this way?
I have a strong suspicion they are legally and morally wrong.
Are they simply too lazy or incompetent to do the right thing?
Some of the staff are decent people. Others lack any ability. Other than attempting to abuse children and parents. NO one ever took advantage of us. I always won.
Can you help me please? Thank you

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Does ABA stand for Academic Behavioral Alternative? And as I understand it IEP stands for Individualized Education Program. I think they need to give you the reasons why he doesn’t get a diploma. It might be that the courses he took does not fulfill all the requirements for a diploma based on this definition. Is it possible that he did not fulfill the minimal requirements for this? Regardless, they need to give you Something saying that he completed the coursework. If not a diploma, perhaps a certificate.

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Thank you.
I have messaged you.
My mother in law was a Teacher. My mother’s uncle was teacher but they have passed.
This just makes me angry because they don’t care. They get paid for filling out forms. They are cold people. Not actual Teachers. My son had real caring Teachers.
My heart is broken and this makes me more stressed and angry. NYC has few decent Teachers. New Jersey under Christie is a disaster. He is not really cutting Property Taxes . He is enriching Millionaires and cutting Pensions for hard working state workers.
He is not properly funding adult programs, schools or helping the elderly.
I can not help wishing all his kind eternally bad Karma.
I do not wish to be bitter but these people anger me to the core.

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Sounds to me like you need to contact a disability attorney.

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Thank you I think I found the right person.
The problem is that Lynn Highland from District 31 didn’t wish to help or work at all.
They have nice jobs pushing papers and have no clue about what autistic people need and they don’t care.
How dare we asked them for help was her attitude.
If he does not get the Diploma I will higher an Attoney. Do you know someone?

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@philosopher I do not. However, if I were in your predicament, I would contact my local Autism Speaks or Autism Advocacy group and let them know how the district was conducting themselves. Often, a letter or a phone call with from an advocacy group will cause a school to do a quick 180.

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ABA is Applied Behavioral Analysis.

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I am involved with
We got the Autism Insurance Reform bill passed.
Message me if you would like to chat anytime.
I appreciate you empathy. Too few people have a clue. I enjoy speaking with those that do.
Are numbers are growing that is good in one way and very bad in another.

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