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Women: what annoys you most about men?

Asked by Haleth (19499points) June 25th, 2011

Inspired by the question below. Let’s see the other side of the story.

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What annoys me most is that rather than just listening when I want to describe a problem, they start looking for things to do to “fix” it.

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Their unconcern about being sloppy when going pee, especially in a shared restroom.

Their obsessions with women being smooth bodied and flower-fresh smelling while they neglect keeping their own nooks and crannies playtime-fresh or the jungle kept down to a garden.

They don’t feel weird to walk around getting dirty feet and then put on clean socks or get into a clean bed.

They are comfortable to talk badly about women’s bodies in public even if they themselves are sloppy, overweight and stinky.

They can research, plan and obsess over a new video game coming to market, a new model of car or whatever but don’t seem to put the same effort into planning or remembering stuff for their kids’/partner’s birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

They think if you’re polite to them, friendly, return conversation and make eye contact then that means you’re hitting on them.

They will gulp food down so fast and then stare at you with impatience or ask if you’re ready to go instead of waiting politely and being nice company until the meal is finished for both people.

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Most? Hard to say. Maybe their sometimes well-concealed desire to run the show. The controlling factor. Then there’s the “where is the….?” when it’s right in front of them. And some of them take advantage of the “will you bring me a..” card. There’s something wrong with me because if I ask a man to bring me something I feel slightly guilty. I know; it’s twisted.
It may be just my luck or lack thereof but I find myself with those who have the attitude of all household duties are strictly womens’ work. But see nothing wrong with telling me to help out with heavy lifting. Let’s see….what else….when they’re finished eating in a restaurant they want to get up and leave. But what would happen if I wanted to split when I’ve finished eating and they haven’t? Maybe they disrespect women; dunno.

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I find sexist attitudes of some men to be disgusting and I find their performance of masculinity for the sake of everyone else, especially their buddies, to be particularly annoying. Otherwise, there are awful things about every gender category.

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That they are either OCD control freaks that lose their mind if my cat jumps on their car, something is slightly out of place, like not rolling up the garden hose ‘perfectly’. My ex husband used to tell me that I ‘displaced’ the gravel in our driveway. lol And, he would hover over me when I made a fire, insisting that I earn my boyscout merit badge in campfire building by only using one piece of newspaper and 2 scrawny little sticks of kindling! Gah!

Or, the 3 I have dated in the years since my divorce.
One total slob. another OCD perfectionsist and one, well…just sorta not present at all. lol

It’s hard to find the balance. haha

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@Coloma yeah, I don’t think they can stand it if we can build a fire without help. Sorry; I can .

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Answering my own question Catcalling and “mansplaining.”

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That some of us put up with whiny, self-centered and narcissistic women-children (and all of the irrationality that they can bring to a relationship) just to get laid.

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The only complaint that comes close to being a generalization, and tends to be found way more commonly in the generation above me, is when men dismiss women’s opinions in the workplace or fail to include them in a discussion. Otherwise, I haven’t run across any generalization that has raised concerns.

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@WasCy That is interesting. For some reason, I thought that you were male. My mistake.

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Well, it’s a two way street when it comes to the immature and personality disordered types. Plenty of whiny, complaining and infantalized baby boys that make womens lives miserable too. I know, I was married to one. lol

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Some and I repeat some men just can’t take anything seriously until it gets to someone dying. They have to make a joke out of everything.
Now I usually get attracted to men who are funny and have a sense of humour, but you just can’t take everything as a joke all the time. Guys who are like that really piss me off.

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that’s funny

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I like most men and they don’t tend to bother me with the exception of one kind: the ones who think women are stupid so then treat all women like they are stupid. not that I think it is ok to treat anyone like they are stupid

My hubby has some quirks that are irksome but on the whole he is a really great guy so the quirks don’t bother me.

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Men who treat women as stupid are… well, stupid.

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The wife insists on playing & she says it’s annoying when “they”....(me)…..don’t listen.
I’m probably going to reluctantly agree with her.

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Oh, lord.. do you really want to get me started?

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^ tee hee.

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One of my dating explorations about 6 years ago now, well…the best way to determine compatability is to take a 2 week road trip with someone, hotels, the works. haha

This was Mr. Slob, bright guy, but totally careless and sloppy. We took off for 2 weeks in the Southwest, Bryce/Zion, Taos, Santa Fe, Sedona. He was constantly criticizing my driving, and thought nothing of just throwing all his snack wrappers on the floor of my car.
I swear he was fucking knee deep in candy wrappers and Pistachio shells. haha
He was always spilling something, on himself or in my car. I swear he was like a 4 year old, simply could NOT eat or drink ANYTHING with spilling it! lolol

BY about day 7 of a 10 day trip we pulled into a hotel in Santa Fe and I opted for separate rooms! lol

OMG! Bliss to the 10th power..I had wine, kicked back in my awesome all to MYSELF room, called a girlfriend back in Ca. and had a GREAT time. haha

That wasn’t the half of it, by the time we were on our way to Sedona, we both agreed I should just take him to the airport and he could fly away home. We worked it out, but THEN, the coupe de gras….he came down with a killer flu bug and we were stuck for an extra 2 days in a hotel in Grants N.M. in the middle of freaking nowhere and he was THE biggest baby ever. Moaning and groaning and digressing far beyond even his usual 4 or 5, I’d say he hit an all time low of about 2 years old in the flu zone.

Finally the day he felt well enough to travel on I couldn’t resist a bit of passive aggressiveness, and I am so NOT passive aggressive, but…he was sleeping in the car and I just sorta, whoops, had to slam on the brakes a bit, he catapulted forward and sorta grazed the dash and whiplashed back into his seat. LOLOL

It was so perfect, I could hardly contain my laughter..” Oooh, I’m sorry!” hahahaha

Needless to say, while we are still friends, the ‘relationship’ did not survive the 5 and a half state road trip test. :-D

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@Coloma I could read this stuff all day. Q: what excuse did you give him for the separate motel rooms? You couldn’t have said, “I’m tired of your pistachio nuts.” Right?
I have found that IF I drive it’s “backseat driver” time. Sort of like building your own fire. LOL

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LOL I think I just said, ” I am getting my own room tonight, meet you in the lobby for breakfast!”—haha

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Well, good for you, girl !!!

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1. Not putting the toilet seat down
2. Leaving dirty clothes lying around the house
3. “Awww, what a cute little lady. Bet she needs my help with that, since I’m such a big, strong man.”

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When they constantly make kissy faces, and then say they were joking and you have no clue if they’re serious or not!

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When I’m complaining about something, instead of being supportive or just listening he will tell me what I’m doing wrong and how he would have done it and how I should have listened to him earlier! AAAGHHH

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note to self…shower twice a day, put the seat down, nod my head more and as hard as it might be learn to say “you are right dear” ;)

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@Cruiser: A male friend of mine likes to counsel the other men that when it comes to the ladies, “whatever you say, you’re right!” is what works well. He has ladies chasing him all the time :)

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You are so right @Neizvestnaya! ;)

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@Cruiser you will be a much happier man :P

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@sarahhhhh I think this is a set up…I feel dizzy… :D

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Damn it, ladies. He’s onto us. Abort!!!

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The answers they gave in this question. :P

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Also, when they won’t let us change them (for the better). Because, well, we really do know what we’re talking about. :P

Just do it, wear it, say it, shave it, comb it, buy it, act it…already!

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@Cruiser : Shower once a day, forget the seat, say, “I think so too, honey” and this jewel: ” what can I do to help you today? Just make me a list.” lol Then go in the kitchen and start cooking.

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I can’t think of anything, honestly.

maybe that’s why I seem to get along with them better than most women I know?

Ok, maybe the toilet seat thing, but that’s it.

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The toilet seat. Always the toilet seat. Why does that matter at all? It goes down as well as up. Why should it be positioned in such a way that it’s always most convenient for “someone else”?

And if you mean “lid” when you say “seat”, then you should say “lid”. Words have meanings.

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@WasCy Psst, dude, that should go in this thread.

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The toilet seat should go down for the same reasons that we open doors for them. It’s a privilege to be a gentleman for a lady.

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@WasCy Men can be sloppy with their piss. Unless I clean the toilet every hour, there is some piss (and maybe pubes) just sitting there for everyone to see. If I walk in to brush my teeth, I don’t want to look at piss and pubes.

Anyway, everyone should close the lid when they flush.

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I don’t even know! I like to get enraged by the individual rather than a group.

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@jonsblond – Not to mention the reduced chance that a person might fall into the toilet in the middle of the night.

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@MissAnthrope I really hate it when that happens.

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Me, too. It’s cold and wakes me up. LOL

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@marinelife really hit my problem with many men. If I want your help solving a problem or fixing something, I will tell you that up front. Otherwise, hush up, listen and show some empathy (or sympathy if necessary) because I’m not asking for your “help,” I’m asking for your emotional support.

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The worst thing about men is their sense of privilege and their inability to admit it exists.

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“Not to mention the reduced chance that a person might fall into the toilet in the middle of the night.”

I’ve done that to myself, which was an excellent way for me to learn my own lesson.

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Brilliant answer, @lucillelucillelucille. As usual.

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Their douchbaginess.

Well, not all of them.

The reason I stated this is because I just broke up with a guy that cheated on me multiple times with FOUR FUCKING WOMEN. I was pissed.

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I don’t like it when one man of a group has to turn every comment into a sexual twist. What could have turned into interesting conversation gets hijacked. I’ve seen other men tell this kind of jerk to shut up.

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^^^^^^^^^^ you just described my dad.

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@jonsblond “Men can be sloppy with their piss.”

You have no idea how that statement has affected my morning routine. I’ve been a very careful boy this morning. Leaning forward more than usual, and keeping the shaky shake to a minimum and not until the faucet is completely closed no drip. The bowl, after a quick brush swipe, received a full inspection of rim, seat and floor as I waved goodbye to the fallen pubes flushing helplessly away. Lid closed, and tp nicely pulled down one square offering the next occupant a proper grip. The plug-in air freshener got a new insert, and the mirror dusted. The hand towel folded properly inward and the cat box scooped clean. The Popular Mechanics mags stacked neatly with all but the most current issues left in view.

Boy was that a lesson in futility. I live alone.

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@Photosopher Wow.
Can’t help wondering when you’ll be back to your own ways though. :P

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You know, what’s interesting (to me), is that I cannot remember a time when my father, or any other man taught me how to piss. It seems like that should be a natural discussion between men and boys at some point. I remember the birds and bees talk, but never any form of pissing etiquette ever crossed my path.

Tis’ only the nagging of women which teaches these lessons. I shall be more attentive to future nagging. Who knows the heights a man can reach, if only he’d embrace the nag?

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Well, as long as you don’t drink out of the toilet bowl, you sound well ‘trained’ to me.
Personally, I’d like to see a little gold seal on that TP, hung OVER, duh, it is the RIGHT way to hang TP and..fold that first square into a perfect little triangle before applying the golden seal. The way fine hotels and Merry Maids does it. ;-)

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Now that would be impressive! I’m off to the hardware store to inquire about golden seals!

What a great rumor to get started! What a great series of YouTube videos, “How to be a Man”… hmmmm…

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All I have to say is please wash your f-ing hands. I mean, EW.

I empty the trash and linen bins in the bathrooms at work. The womens’ bathrooms, the bins are almost always full. The mens’? Well, if you compared side-by-side, you’d get my drift. Like, 2 or 3 things in the bins. FOR THE WHOLE DAY.

I tried to tell myself that maybe we just have more female customers, but it is not so. Basically, these men are disgusting pigs that don’t wash their hands after they touch their weenies to pee. That’s sick. Sick and, frankly, it makes me not want to touch men at all in general, not for handshakes or nothing. Ugh.

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Therein lies a wonderful opportunity for a set of mens bathroom posters.

“Are you a boy or a man?”

Or a fun set of instructional illustrations on proper bathroom etiquette, like airline safety illustrations. I see a comical marketing opportunity here.

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Haha…Ewww is right!
Well, there’s your next photo shoot, you’ll make millions! A comic relief of how to ‘shake, zip and wash.’ You need a really geeky model, and I’ll do the captions.
‘Right way’..‘WRONG way’ to exit the urinals.

Something catchy like ” Don’t make this nasty mistake, wash your hands after you shake.”

I can see it now…an unwashed handshake with the clerk, and all the little bacterias jumping off onto the unsuspecting victim. lol

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I know it is typically proper to wash after. But when it comes to public urinals, I actually wash before and after. It’s one thing to get my germs on you, but it’s an entirely different matter to think my hands have picked up funk from the past hours, then from the bathroom door, and now jump to my junk! No way! Got to keep the motor clean.

The flush is a boot kick or elbow swipe. Don’t be touching that stall! The paper towel used to dry my hands doesn’t hit the trash, because it is used to grab the door handle on the way out.

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@Photosopher Woah, Sir I salute you.

Photosopher's avatar

Oh can you imagine? Funk on my hands goes straight to my cameras. Then from camera to face? Nu thankya… Worked that out a long long time aguuuuuu…

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I don’t want my delicate and sensitive to germies lady-bits fondled by dirty hands with dirty fingernails that have been shaking, wiping, scratching around man bits or digging up in man noses or inside man ears. I also don’t want you to munch on me right after you’ve munched on a sloppy meal unless you brush your teeth.

C’mon guys, during the night how would you feel to walk in to your bathroom to use the toilet and your clean bare feet step in little droplets of someone else’s pee? Wouldn’t you also cringe if you knew someone didn’t wash their hands after shaking or wiping their bum and then came and tried to touch your face or your mouth? ICK.

Men might get a whole lot more sex and more often if they practiced better toilet and wash up habits. I know I’m pretty darn impressed by a clean man and that from this thread, I’m not alone.

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Clean body… Dirty filthy sick twisted mind…

Neizvestnaya's avatar

@Photosopher: Me thinks we should hold an auction and bid you off :)

Pied_Pfeffer's avatar

@Neizvestnaya That’s it. Talk @Photosopher into being put up for bidding on The Fluther Auction Site with the description of “Clean body‚Ķ Dirty filthy sick twisted mind…” The amount of money raised would put any Twitter investment to shame.

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Pervy guys that ogle you when they are with their women, wives. girlfriends.
Like my pervy old neighbor, he and his wife stop to talk and his eyes are always gleaming at my boobs. She HAS to notice. :-/

Neizvestnaya's avatar

Now I’m going to go to and create a tee shirt that says “Clean Body…” on the front and “Dirty Filthy Sick Twisted Mind” on the back.

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