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Should Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 be remade for PS3?

Asked by Bryburn (137points) June 25th, 2011

Kingdom Hearts is a great game series, however some people do not own a PS2 and can not play said awesome game series. Would you want it to be on PS3? And for that matter do you think Square Enix should continue making games for Nintendo?

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I thinks a multiplatform remake would be awesome, but it ain’t going to happen. I also think Square Enix knows best (except with FFXIII) and they’ll do what’s best for the company.

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In about 15–20 years, there will be an emulator/rom combo for you to play on your PC.

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Not before my bloody Final Fantasy VII remake.

…yeah hopeless Sephy fangirl, but I don’t apologize.

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They should but not only those.
But since they are made only for a console at a time they try to encourage people to buy that particular console if they want to play that game.

In the future indeed you’ll be able to use emulators and play them on the pc or on other consoles.

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I would play the shit out of it if it does..

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If Square Enix wants to recoup from Final Fantasy XIII they need to produce and release Kingdom Hearts III.

The cross platform and PS3 remake can ride III‘s coattails in to the black.

@Symbeline . . .FFVIII, with junctioning and naught, whip wielding teacher quistis is clearly the superior product.

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Yeah, I loved junctioning, and messing around with it. There’s so many different ways it can be used to customize your dudes, which was indeed, much more flexible and superior to VII’s materia system.

It all becomes pretty pointless when you can farm 100 Meltdowns and just destroy everything in sight though…

But I still want Sephiroth. And not the KH one. But yeah, Quistis is awesome. But I gotta say, Seifer rocks my world. I really wish he would have been a playable character for a little longer than that mission bit in the beginning.

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