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How does he get this style on his beard?

Asked by bwalla900 (64points) June 25th, 2011

I like how right above his top lip there is no hair, did he shave that or is this just how it grows in? I have larger lips and my hair almost meets the top of my top lip. Just curious as I have no idea how to shave unless I trim it all or let it grow lol

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Trim the beard with a clipper guard on. Using a beard trimmer like this one you can achieve results like his.

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@SpatzieLover Is that how guys do it? How they get the perpetual, permanent 5 days growth look? I’ve always wondered.

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Yep that’s how we do it @lillycoyote. However I don’t use the clipper guard except for the very bottom of my chin I like a little longer. I know my photo looks more full beard-ish, but this is a few days growth. I only clip twice a week, and without the guard, it’s pretty short, but nowhere near clean shaven.

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@Photosopher And yes, there it is, right there on your face, in your avatar photo, so you must know. My problem is that I find the 5 days growth look incredibly sexy on guys but absolutely impossible for me to deal with, in real life, many times, when and if the time comes for actual face to face contact. The skin on my face is really, really sensitive and extended face to face contact, all that kissing, etc. well, with some guys it has ended up feeling like someone took a belt sander with 80 grit paper to my face. I don’t really care for that.

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Sure I get it. The boyish face in the OP link hasn’t even developed a full beard line yet. I’m sure his stubble is still soft, cushy, and hard earned.

You can always tell when I’m in a serious relationship or not. The stubble is replaced with a clean shave. But for not so serious relationships, well, shaving isn’t on my favorites list.

Now if the beard grows out, it becomes a softy. Agreeing with you on the stubble, the ladies in my life are encouraged to do the same. Keep it clean shaven, or let it all grow out. I don’t care either way. But no stubble please. I actually like hairy armpits and legs on a lady. It’s soft.

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It’s a damn shame for those of us who like that look that there isn’t some way to truly soften that stubble up, so we could snuggle up with your 5 day growth faces like they were plush toys instead the belt sanders they really are. So you like hairy legs and armpits? Interesting. Most men don’t. But I agree with the stubble. No fence sitting. One way or the other.

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