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When will the government start controlling our activities more on the internet?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) April 27th, 2008

The internet is clearly somewhat of a final frontier – something that has made living in the 21st century even more incredible. In the U.S., people are basically free to look at whatever they please on the ‘net, and I fear that in time, this will become a forgotten reality. Thoughts?

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No they wont, especially not in America. I’m not American but from my understanding it violates the Freedom of Information act and the Right to Free Speech. So unless there is a major revolution private internet access will not be restricted or monitored.

Although you never know ‘the man’ could be watching us right now.
(looks around nervously)

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I don’t see them blocking stuff like they do in China anytime soon. But they certainly do monitor traffic. Google “NSA AT&T” and see what they are doing. Just don’t do it from your iPhone.

The FOIA only requires that they send us any info they have on us if requested. And we kinda have free speech but they can listen into what we say over the Internet and telephone. We can say it and they can tap my phone without a warrant if the want to and send me away.

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Well, another way it might happen is if the broadband providers get go through with easing traffic to some sites over others, which will ultimately mean that it’ll be faster to go to a big corporate site than a small blog (if I have understood it correctly). So the information might be out there, but it’ll be a lot harder to get to. This would certainly be a sad state of affairs, so support Net Neutrality! (gets off soapbox)

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Absolutely.. I have a small site and Comcast could easily take a check from Google to prioritize traffic from Google (youtube) over my site.

Pay extra to to have your content delivered first. Eventually I could see needing to pay to have your content delivered at all. </tinfoil hat>

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