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Is there a song that you have directed to be played at your funeral/memorial?

Asked by Ladymia69 (6876points) June 25th, 2011

What is the song, and why did you choose it?

And how do want the people who listen to it at that time to feel when they hear it?

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Yes Is there any other song and turn it up to 11!!

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And uh, Cruiser, what do you want the attendees to feel as they hear this?

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No funeral or memorial service is requested in my will. The wish is to be cremated and have the ashes scattered on top of a particular hill. No music required.

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OK, so if there were a song, what would it be?

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I haven’t decided, but my dad has demanded we play “Fat Bottom Girls” at his.

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@Ladymia69 I would hope they get the irony of life and death and do a gut check of their own lives and not take themselves too seriously. Life is too short to pass up on the silly fun stuff at least once a day!

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Right now, I’m thinking that So Long Farewell from The Sound of Music would be good.

But if I really wanted something amazing I would probably go with Going Home by Libera.

And like @Pied_Pfeffer I do not want any kind of funeral or service at all, so these songs will have to be played by whomever wants to think of me, on their own. I shall be donating any parts of me that are useable (including my hair) and then whatever’s left over can be cremated. But if anyone really wants to have a celebration of my life, they can have a big fat potluck party with lots of good music and food and a cardboard cut out of me standing in the kitchen “appearing” to be making this

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@Cruiser I heartily agree.

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@Kardamom A cardboard cutout is hilarious! I totally want one of me at my memorial! I will be making this gesture!

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This one link

Because the words pretty much sum up my philosophy to life and I don’t want my final curtain to be a miserable affair. I hope they will recognise that the choice is so… me.

And I want everyone to wear bright colours and especially red.

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No, funny stuff for me. There better be weeping and the gnashing of teeth at my funeral or I’m going to be pissed. There better not be a dry eye in the house.

I want Ashokan Farewell and while I’m not an atheist exactly, I intend want a completely humanist memorial service with this exception: I want Leaning on the Everlasting Arms because it is just so beautiful, And if Iris herself, (her version is at the end of the video, if you bother and get that far), would be willing to stop by and sing it, that would be great. Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s version is a favorite of mine but it’s a little upbeat for my service and as I said, there better be crying. There are some beautiful hymns, what can I say and Leaning on the Everlasting Arms has always been one of my favorites, even if I don’t believe any of that stuff.

After the funeral, then they can party. I had a $5000 live insurance policy through work once and I named my best friend as beneficiary and told her the money was to be spent on a big party for everyone.

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If by then I have friends who want to play this one by Prince that would be swell.

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Linking Park, In the End.

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The Imperial March from Star Wars, as I’m lowered into the grave.

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@Ladymia69 Whew! Glad the gesture is not what I had imagined. Hee Hee.

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On The Sunny Side Of The Street “Grab your coat and get your hat. Leave your worry on the doorstep..”

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My body is to be donated to science, but if my family chooses to have a memorial it will be in a traditional jazz procession.

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@Ladymia69 If a song is necessary, it would be Cat Stevens’ version of Morning Has Broken. Despite sidelining my Christian beliefs, I like the nature aspect of the song.

@incendiary_dan Your dad is cool, as are you.

@YARNLADY Jazz music? You should post that on the thread about what fellow Jellies may not know about you. The choice is admirable.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Funny you said that, I have been on a Cat Stevens kick the past 48 hours! What is even funnier is that what spurred me to ask this queestion was hearing the song “Trouble” by Cat and thinking that would be a good one to play at my funeral! Great minds think similarly and all that.

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@lillycoyote, that is beautiful. Dolly is one of my favorite country gals. That is purty.

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@Ladymia69 Have you heard Cat Stevens’/Yusuf Islam’s Child for a Day? I might switch the choice to this song.

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No directions yet, but I am leaning towards “More Than This” by Roxy Music.

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I loved the song my Dad picked which was How Great Thou Art. It brings tears to my eyes every time. Even though my father was a man of few words it speaks to me of his deep feeling for the beauty of nature and his belief that there was a divine creator.
My own religious convictions are a little more hazy, but being raised a Catholic it is in my blood and bones and I have considered requesting this song. The cello is played by Rashad Eggleston, who is absolutley amazing and unfortunately no longer with the band Crooked Still
It is beautiful whether or not you believe in Jesus. I still have more time to think on it, lol. I’m sure I’ll choose 10 or 20 more before my time is up!

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Actually, along with my funny song, I would like this song played. Link

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Bellatrix Thanks for reminding me of that song. It’s beautiful. Did you notice how in one of the comments someone dedicated it to his Dad who had just died?

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I did! And a little side story. A few years after my dad died (he was in the navy in his youth and there are several references to returning to the sea), that song came on the radio and I just burst into tears. I was absolutely sobbing. I just could not stop crying for quite a while. My then husband had to pull over until I calmed down. I think the words are beautiful and really just tell is as it would be if it was played at my funeral. I was reading @blueberry_kid’s post about crying when she heard a song and it made me think of that moment. Songs are powerful things.

Glad to remind you of a beautiful song @Earthgirl and it is always lovely when you pop into fluther for a visit.

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