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Who is your favorite youtube star?

Asked by tp (175points) June 25th, 2011

Fred, Annoying orange the whole shabang! Which is your favorite youtube star? Mine is annoying orange.

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Nicepeter. Holy balls. Epic rap battles of history rock.

I also like The Amazing Atheist.

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A fabulous bass player!

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I have a giant crush on Katers17. I just can’t help myself…

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I was gonna say MRirian or DaxFlame , but then I remembered how hooked I was on the Lonelygirl15 videos, which turned into a supernatural thriller.

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sxephil and Raocow are my favorites.

Raocow is just entertaining, and sxephil is like a quick and easy Colbert Report lite.

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I love the Annoying Orange! Nyah nyah nyah

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I love Fred.
Meghan Tonjes.

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This guy called Frannobaz He has an amazing voice, and he’s a hotty Brit!

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Pat Condell.

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Sly Fox Hound
And of course the Annoying Orange :)

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It’s an oldie but goody but I love Cory Williams, the author of the Mean Kitty song and the subsequent video channel with updates on Sparta and Loki. That song was a true original and very creative.

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Natalie Tran.

I know, I know… we’re not supposed to admit it.

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