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Men: what annoys you most about other men?

Asked by FutureMemory (24481points) June 26th, 2011

For some reason, I’m guessing this version of the “____, what do you find most annoying about ___” question will get the least amount of backlash.

I can’t stand when men cheat on their wives, and act like their buddies are supposed to pat them on the back for it, as if it’s something we all aspire to do.

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What pigs we can be towards women, now if you’ll excuse me, I have an extremely hot neighbor to peep on. lol

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I am always in front taking the darts and arrows anyway, so I will bite.
What I find most annoying in men generally is they are pantywaist wimps who are scared to be men for fear of losing the pussy. They let their ”little head” sell out the ”big” head.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Can you give me an example of this panty-waist behavior?

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“If I had been there, I would have blah blah blah”

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Obsession with Sports
I can’t tell you how many times some random guy will ask me about “the game” last night and the stare at me like I just killed a puppy when I tell him I don’t follow sports.

Bad-Mouthing of their SO
Practically every guy I work with makes a point of complaining about their wives (or girlfriends) in the most horrible, derogatory ways. To which I think, “why are you with her again?”

Need to Get Drunk
“I cannot wait to get fucking wasted this weekend” is something I’m officially tired of hearing.

Granted this isn’t all guys I know, but almost every single one will tick off at least one of these.

But then, I’m an odd duck: the night of the Bruins Stanley Cup Win, I took my daughter to see West Side Story – and I’m a Bostonian!

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Men who say things like “act like a man”.

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Dull knives.

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@Cruiser You mean when a man doesn’t keep his knives sharp?

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How men can just be real dickheads. Especially to their SO

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Affinity for firing guns when drunk.

Allowing 10 year old boys to fire an Uzi. ( especially when it ends up fatal for the kid )

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Public toilets.

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Getting a hard on for sports
Over-glorifying masculinity but going apeshit all over feminism
Date rape jokes
The whole immature frat boy “God give me strength, Women suck my length” mentality
Tough guy bands (e.g. Pantera, Slipknot, Cannibal Corpse) with all looks and no substance

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Married men who fool around on their wives.
It is so destructive.
I also remember how it felt when I was single, and seeing married guys hitting on single women. Hey, dude! You’re over your limit!

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Those pissants who see drunken, sexist, domestic abuse as a right of passage instead of the cowardly sadistic bullshit that it truly is. Dumb fucks should be castrated with a rusty blade.

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@FutureMemory Nothing is worse than asking a dude for a knife and getting a folding butter knife!!


Men who are brutes, who think that being masculine means to be “macho” and crude. There is a big difference——a man can be very masculine and not have to resort to being a brute (that is, act aggressive, mannerless, violent, and dishonorable to his fellow man). That’s why I hate it when people misuse the word “gentlemen” and apply it to men who don’t deserve to be called that. Like when a sportscaster on t.v. refers to fighting hockey players on t.v. “Now those gentlemen know how to lay a punch.” Oh come on, give me a break! Gentlemen?? More like cavemen! Forget the stupid macho stuff. Being a real man means being a gentleman, who knows his manners, watches out for his fellow man, treats women like ladies with the respect they deserve (and hopefully women will act accordingly by being ladies), and only fights when it is warranted to fight.

Related to the above point I made, I also don’t like adult guys who are immature and act like little kids when they’re in public. I am thinking this is not entirely their fault——their own Dads probably grew up in the 1970s, when social mores got slack, and when they became fathers themselves, failed to raise their sons properly because they weren’t instilling manners and proper conduct in them.

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Sexism annoys me, number one. Even more than homophobia, but that’s probably because I haven’t come across as much of it as many other gay people do. Most people I know are pretty cool about homosexuality, but sexism still abounds. Guys I know consider girls “sluts” at the drop of a hat. A girl wearing sexy clothes? Slut. A girl hitting on a guy? Slut. A girl desiring sex in any way, shape, or form? Slut. I got really sick of it, living in a house full of guys. This was a typical conversation between some of my male housemates: “Yeah, that bitch has some fine ass tits. I’d fuck that bitch in a second.”

I know they only talk like that because they’re around other guys and they’d never talk like that around girls and I know that we talk about other things (racist jokes, sexual conversations, etc.) that we would never say around other people, but, as much as they exaggerate sometimes, it didn’t come off as much of a joke when they talked about women like they were objects. They might be exaggerating sometimes to impress their “bros”, but for the most part I really do think they have a low amount of respect for women and I really got tired of being around it.

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The competitive thing. I really do not want to compete with you people. I won a long time ago. I just want you all to be happy or whatever.

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Men who think that all there is to being a man is beating people up and intimidating women and children.

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Guys who constantly check out their thinning hair in the mirror in the john.

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-Our apparent tendency to use our own shit to draw pictures of dicks all over public restroom walls

-General douchebaggery

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I have problems with their bullshit stories that even a nine year old would call bullshit on. This includes the one-upper tales.

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And they really think we believe it, @woodcutter!

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Whenever a guy says “man up” to another guy that’s having a hard time with life problems. That kind of macho crap pisses me off.

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Can I come play with you guys? Some people have sticks up their ass on my Q. ;)

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@jonsblond just don’t tell blondesjon…

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I’m also going for extreme masculinity. We’re not in ancient Rome, there’s nothing to prove to anyone, besides career and relationship skills lol.

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@jonsblond You are welcome anywhere as far as I am concerned.


@Hypocrisy_Central Great answer, and I’m glad you have the cajones to mention it! Yeah, guys who are afraid to stand up for their own gender, for fear of having the other sex trounce on them out of “political correctness” or being perceived as sexist, when really they’re only trying to have a little pride in their masculinity. The younger generation of males, especially, seem to be scared of “stepping on the toes of loud-mouthed, extreme feminism”. It’s as if they are emasculated. That really bugs me.

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Men who use charges of “political correctness” to obscure the fact they forgot to think before speaking.


I usually find it’s those guys who have their heads buried too much in books who are the biggest wusses, the ones who like to wave the flag of liberalism in the name of political correctness, as if they are the protectors of women and the defenders of human rights. So educated yet so blind and emasculated. I’d just wish they’d “grow a pair” and stop being afraid of being men.

No matter what I say it’ll never get through their thick overly learned skulls.

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jesus christ MSS you are starting to rock…and roll


@woodcutter Thank you my friend. I love to rock and roll! And on that note, I’m gonna find another beat and look for another drummer to bang my big sticks. See ya later alligator. ;)

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@FutureMemory Since I can’t give the stronger example because many will simply explode about the head and neck and we don’t want guts all over the walls, I will use a soft tacit example.

You have a 4 day weekend and you and your ”boys” decide to take a rustic getaway out in the wild. You will have to tramp back into the bush where you will make camp. You figure terrain wise with your full packs on you will average about 1.5 miles in an hour. You are going in 7 miles. Hike 3 miles, break for an hour and then another two hours and you are at the area you want to camp. Then someone’s woman wants to come, and she is not a big woman. She can’t schlep as much as the guys. Everything needed to survive has to be on your back. So, if he don’t carry part of her load the whole group has to travel slower, or leave way earlier. And if some other guy could not leave earlier because they have to take the kids back to the mother, or work late and won’t get enough sleep, it will take longer to get to the site of the camp. If he carries her extra load it will mean he might slow the group down. If the maximum amount of time is to be wrung out of the weekend spending an extra hour and a half or longer getting there means everything else gets delayed. Rather than him saying ”Dear, it is a very hard schlep, and you physically will slow the group down. Maybe next time when we have an easier trip or more time”, he is going to whine and plead to let her go along. She won’t be that slow, promise. I will help her along. Why? Because he is afraid if he tells her the truth, she don’t have the physicality to hang she will get mad and when he comes home all tired and horny she won’t give it up. He would rather sink or lessen the trip for everyone else than have enough stones to risk going an extra 3, 5, 7 day with no sex.

That is the milk toast example, as I say, can’t give the harder ones people might have some heart attack or start to see red as their collars got steamed.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Hmmm, what if one of the guys in the crew was really fat, and although he might be able to haul a large amount, he simply wasn’t able to keep up the pace? Would the group of guys tell the fat one he wasn’t welcome since he’d slow the rest of them down? Sounds like a bunch of selfish assholes with their priorities in their asses.

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@FutureMemory Would the group of guys tell the fat one he wasn’t welcome since he’d slow the rest of them down? Why wouldn’t he be told? It would be no different if a group of people were planning a climb up the side of granite slab, you don’t take someone along just because they thought it would be an adventure when they are or experienced enough or have never been. That is a folie à deux, for the sake of trying to be fair and congruous to slow the ascent so that part had to be done during darkness or compromise safety. You can’t molly cuddle everyone in everything, that is just impossible. Everyone cannot do everything that others can. Part of being a man is to know your limitations, that way you avoid injury.

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I hate when they hang a set of balls off their trailer hitch.

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@redfeather: That should be punishable by a beating.

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@cprevite with said balls.

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@redfeather: About their own balls.

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@redfeather my best friend in the whole world drives a 4-runner with a CB radio, a collage of Megadeth and Slayer stickers on the rear window, a lift kit, and a big set of red balls hanging on the trailer hitch. He also is well versed in Classical Greek philosophy and he runs an organic vegetable collective.

I give him shit for his big red balls all the time.

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When they try to be the boss of me.

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I love this trend I set. The guys officially win the best answers catagory in the war of the sexes regarding these questions.

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So wait…are we beating @Fiddle’s best friend or not?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I will NEVER get the whole balls on truck thing. “Oh yeaaa that trucks got balls” ..... dude you have a fucking scrotum hanging off your vehicle…..“no homo”.... >_<

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@uberbatman yeah, that and our NSFW obsesssion with drawing cocks are two of the biggest mysteries of man-dom for me.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I love that in that video some drew a giant rooster instead of a penis. Made me lol. But yea guys are weird with that…. what to draw….what to draw….PENIS!!!

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