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Why do roaches always end up on their backs when they die?

Asked by truckling (68points) April 28th, 2008 from iPhone
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Because they believe their little roach soul cannot escape the hard exoskeleton shell on top

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It’s kind of the other way around. If they get flipped on their backs, they can’t right themselves. I believe they starve as a result.

Also, poisions can cause them to spaz out, which also gets them on their backs. Looks like Yahoo! Answers has this one covered.

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I have seen only live roaches scuttling away, very fast. How did you spot a dead one?

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Death by back-spin, a hypothesis nearly impossible to prove but very convincing, is one theory.

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actually, they’re saying there last prayers. They just can’t kneel.

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they are undiscoverd acrobatic talents

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For me, this is a great question – one that inspires creative answers.

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you ever seen a corpse face down at a funeral? roaches pay there respects too.

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That’s how the pictures on the “Bait Box” look….. But, without the Red Circle w/ the Slash thru it….

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