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People are people so why should it be, you & I should get along so awfully?

Asked by ucme (50031points) June 26th, 2011

Boom boom boom, so we’re different colours & we’re different creeds…..okay enough of the Depeche Mode reference & on to the point of the question, if indeed there is one. Yeah, why does mankind have such a history of hostility towards each other? Be it in the form of wars/conflict/social unrest or whatever.

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Because you think my grass is greener than yours. And sometimes you’d rather take my grass instead of improving the quality of your own.

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Because you’re like… different and stuff, man.

And you have resources I want. Gimme!

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Next question.

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@ucme, that is a good question. I think it is a generational thing. A cultural, generational thing. A cultural, generational thing where people don’t know how to give and take equally. Some people see themselves above the fray and think they can impose their views and their way of thinking on others. If you don’t agree with that; fu and I’ll see you in hell. That sorta attitude.

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Because man has a warlike nature.

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Because we all think we’re better than everyone else.

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You & I? Well we don’t like each other, that’s why we don’t get along. Duh.

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moving right along
@bkcunningham Yeah, thanks for that, although to be fair, I just wanted to ask a question that incorporated those lyrics. Works well, if I say so myself.

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Yep, fear, envy, greed, jealously, PRIDE, read ego and a whole lot of mental illness, emotional immaturity and, well…generalized fucked up-ness.

You know…the sociopath next door? lol

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@Coloma Yeah I know her, we like to call her Beryl the peril :¬(

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LOL Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em..maybe poison Beryl the peril, a little Cyanide in her Perriot?

Beryl the peril sipped Perriot, and keeled over on a nice sunny day.

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It is a good question @ucme, my initial answer was “fucked if I know” and that’s the truth but if I have to try to give a realistic answer, we don’t seem to be able to tolerate or even better, accept difference. We (as groups of people) allow ourselves to be threatened by any type of difference. Colour, religion, culture. Humans seem to need to move in groups that are connected by some sameness and we confront those that don’t fit that norm and seem to need to exert our superiority. It seems to happen at a macro and micro level. As nations, we go to war. In smaller groups, the person who is a bit different is picked on for instance. How we resolve this tendency, I don’t know. I don’t really get it on an individual level. It seems like lunacy to me.

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Because you think differently than I do and I simply can’t have that :)

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I’m guessing because war, violence and conflict and such is our nature. Doesn’t really seem to matter what drives such things; cultural differences, disagreements, different views, ambition, wealth, a buncha stuff like that…it always seems to revert back to the same concepts that greatly define man’s history.

Of course there’s other things that aren’t in said nature. The arts, civilization, technological evolution…but it’s scary to think that many of these things, again, took and take place in order to accommodate conflict. Building weapons, naming kings, having many of our every day things that as blueprints, were originally torture and death devices…

We’re just filthy animals! ’‘licks’’

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Oh, okay @ucme. I didn’t recognize the song. Silly me. You did a good job though.

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This is my stuff and you can’t take it from me. And you look weird and smell different and have different rituals and prepare food in different ways and your table manners for god’s sake are atrocious and you are lazy and no good and just go away because we don’t want you here or need you here and buddy, didn’t you hear me saying to get the fuck outta here? Like do you really want me to fight you because I got much bigger sticks than you ever seen so just fuck yourself off before I decide you need an asshole widening.

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@wundayatta Pretty much. :/

People should just hug pillows and drink beer more often.

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@Symbeline Not hug each other?

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That too, and more.

I meant, for a person who’s single lol.

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@Symbeline So you’re saying single people get all the fun? Or comfort? Or…. whatever? ;-)

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I denno. I just like hugging pillows lol. Soft!

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Mankind isn’t the best of prioritizers, are we..? Too many trivial things get in the way of proper development, and we all have too much conviction and are too stubborn to back down. We’re also, I feel, partly too lazy to find the whole story before choosing a side.

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@Bellatrix My sentiments exactly, fuck knows…shit happens. Then I got to thinking, maybe we’re just inherently volatile, as a species I mean.

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I think you might be on the money there @ucme!

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