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Are you anyone's favourite person?

Asked by Jellie (6492points) June 26th, 2011

I was watching this and started wondering whether I’m anyone’s favourite person. Parents/siblings don’t count for this question.

So I would say I’m probably not anyone’s favourite person right now…

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Yes, definitely. My kids adore me.

And I adore them. sniff. They’re 4500 I’m away.

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I imagine I have to be somebody’s favorite person.

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My cat worships me. But then, he doesn’t get out much.

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Absolutely not My SO says he likes me =)

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I am my SO’s favorite person, and he is mine.

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I don’t think so.

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My dog has a framed picture of me inside her doghouse.

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Favorite? hell no. And alas, it’s not my wish to be the top frog in the well.

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Well…looks like I’m not the only one that has a bunch of animal admirers. lol

My cat and geese adore me, worship me, I am, after all ‘mother goose.’ Haha

The horse, mules and donkeys and Llama and sheep next door think I’m pretty cool too, I have bucketfuls of apples on hand. I am stampeded daily.

My daughter and her boyfriend love me too, but, I also give them lots of stuff, let them do laundry here for free and make them a lot of nice dinners. She loves me, but I think her BF is her favorite person. ;-)

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Well, my spouse, I hope. Never asked. My kids? I doubt it. They would probably say their Mom is their favorite person. Are there any others out there? I don’t know. Possibly. But then again, it’s not the sort of question one asks.

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I know whose favorite I am not!! That being said I am tops with quite a few people who know the real me. ;)

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Err, lets see…, there’s Frank, Jack, Simone, Ada, Lilly, Bertha, Sally, Bert, Andreas, Hector, Wim, Bertha, Bertha, Frank, Barack. They don’t like me.
Vag does.

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Apparently I am Dr J’s favorite, but I’m not supposed to tell.

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No, I’m not.

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I am my husband’s favourite person. My kids think I’m weird so I can’t say I am there favourite. My boy dog loves me most of all I think… the cat only loves me on cold nights when my head is perfect for wrapping himself around to keep warm.

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I am my husband’s favorite person! I know this because he told me!

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^And you are one of my favorite people, so there are at least two on your list. And you are not on here near enough anymore.

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A few people tell me so but for sure, I believe one of them.

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I doubt it. I think I might be the favorite person of one of our cats, but that’s just because of feeding and litterbox cleaning. And combing, she does like that.

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

Yes,I am,damnit. ;)

_zen_'s avatar

My aunt and my son say as much. It is also reciprocal.

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Yes, in fact Paul Rudd is weirdly obsessed with me. I can’t shake him.

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My wife and my boy cat Mushroom. I’m also sure I’m the good daughter and my dad likes me best. But he’s an ass, so that doesn’t really count.

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Mostly, I’m pretty much Satan to everyone. ^^

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I’m my mom’s favorite person!
And my little brother, and alot of little kids adore me!
I think

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I’m repeatedly told by my partner that I’m her favorite person. We also happen to be best friends on top of romantic partners, so that’s probably why. That and I cook her bacon.

I just got a message from a friend in which she referred to me as her “favorite revolutionary”.

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I might be, but I really doubt it.

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^^^ one of my faves ;)

Yes, I am a favorite of one for sure.

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Yes. My beloved wife, Vicky, tells me all the time that I’m her favorite human being. I’d like to think that some of my children and grandchildren feel that way too, but they’ve not said it to me.

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No…I temporarily lived under the impression that I was someone’s, fool that I am…

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My cat’s favorite place to sleep is either touching or next to me. I can only hope that I am worthy of his devotion.

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Yes! I’m my very own favorite person. I really love me some me.:-)

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@jailbait Hey, that’s a lie. You’re my favorite British person! ;) Love you!

Let’s see. I’m my mother’s favorite child. (And I’m adopted!)

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@GracieT…I didn’t know we could count animals. Back when I had cats, this definitely would have been true…

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@chyna you are officially at the top of my list! Don’t tell hubby.

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My daughter acts like I’m the most amazingly amazing hoopty frood in the galaxy. She’s 9 months old, so I know this will pass as soon as she gets old enough to roll her eyes.. It’s very cool now though. I’ve never seen anyone SO enthusiastic to see me EVERY SINGLE TIME I come into viewing range—even if the last time was 2 minutes ago. She’s fallen over squealing in delight more than a few times. It’s a real ego boost.

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@keobooks That is absolutely adorable.

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@Keobooks that is hands down my very favorite part of being a mom! Now that my guys are older and it is much less frequent it is even better.

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I don’t actually know. I hope I’m my wife and daughter’s favorite person, but that seems presumptuous.

I hope so. I’d be proud to be someone’s favorite person.

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Aren’t the little people great for morale? : D

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My youngest daughter and my younger son were sitting on the floor of a house we rented once in Maryland, coloring with crayons held in tiny fists. I had been out of work for some time and was getting discouraged. I was gazing fondly at them when my daughter looked up with that angelic expression little girls reserve for daddy, and said, “Daddy, we’re coloring these for you. Do you know why?”

I smiled and said, “No, sweetie, I don’t.”

“It’s because you always give us hugies and kissies!” the little angel said to me.

My heart just melted and all the problems fell away for awhile. : ))


To my two little children. Their mother calls them “Daddy’s little girls.” lol

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My husband’s, for sure. We tell each other this all the time. <3

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Well now I’m offended .. why am I not @KatetheGreat‘s favourite Brit!!! (only joking Kate!!!) :-D

And @Symbeline you are not Satan. Not even remotely.

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I don’t want to single anyone out here in flutherville – but I have a few favourites, the bestest being our fearless leader – the babe with the whip – the coolest, the lurveliest @augustlan .

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Brown nosing @zen….

_zen_'s avatar

I know – maybe she’ll give me extra lurve?

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lol she might… she is a sweetie. I think you are in with a good chance. :D

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Flattery will get you everywhere nowhere. :p

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@KatetheGreat Aww, thanks Kate :D I love you too.

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Yes! :) I know quite a few people who’ll agree with me. :)

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@Bellatrix I thought you were Australian! You were my favorite Australian, but I suppose I have 2 favorite brits now!

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OK, people wise, I guess I am my husband’s favorite person. (I hope!) but my cat takes devotion to a new level.

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Well I have dual nationality so I will be your favourite Aussie then. I would usually say I am a pom though :-) For you though… I shall don the green and gold!

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