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What is the most ridiculous thing you can do to a Buckingham Palace guard to which they still wouldn't be able to display a reaction?

Asked by cockswain (15271points) June 26th, 2011

I was watching an episode of Mr. Bean where he totally screws with the palace guard. I assume they’d stop any threats (they are actual guards after all), but how far can you push one of these guys without retaliation? Like, could I not brush my teeth for days and breath in his face for 10 minutes? Not that I have any desire to mess with him, I just wonder what they can tolerate before they smile/yell/kill.

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Moon them?

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Ok, but what if you slowly eased your bare ass up to them? Would they nail you in the ass with the butt of their rifle?

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Squirt guns maybe, they’d HAVE to flinch!

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Dance around him with your hands an inch away from his face singing “I’m not touching you… I’m not touching you”.

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… Scrap that.

Funny face staring contest ftw.


Ignore him, act normal, and do nothing. Those guards are probably so used to morons who do dumb things in front of them everyday, that they would most likely be affected by the first person who walks by and just ignores them. Like “What the hell? That guy didn’t even make a face at me, yell at me, or act silly! What’s wrong with him?! Agggh!! Come back here and try to annoy me, now!”

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I thought it was illegal to mess with them…


I’m sure it is. That’s why I say ignore them. :)

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Just be a buttfuck nerdy tourist, he’ll rip the piss out of you later over a beer with his mates. For it is written & this will always be the way of things.

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I think I’d like to see the Jackass guys take a crack at them.


@cockswain Didn’t one of those guys die recently because of his idiotic drinking and driving?

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Yes. Maybe another one would drop for going too far with a Buckingham Palace guard.

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