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Do you like jazz, blues, bluegrass, and folk music?

Asked by rockfan (12783points) June 26th, 2011

I’m 20 years old and I love jazz, blues, folk, etc. And personally, I think it’s a shame that most young people my age have never even attempted to get into the music of jazz, blues, bluegrass or folk. I understand that everyone has the right to dislike types of music, but I always get fustrated with my friends when they simply dismiss them because of the stigma that only “artsy” and “pretentious” people like this type of music. What are your thoughts?

By the way, this is my favorite jazz song:

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Yup – I have always particularly loved folk music, both traditional and singer-songwriter.

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I love jazz and blues, but I hate folk music (I think it’s too needy), to the point of not going to restaurants if it’s folk music night. Bluegrass, eh.

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I do…not too crazy about folk though
Hopefully,your friends will come to their senses.Meanwhile,here is a song for you.:)

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I do. My most recent purchases (after seeing them in concert twice) are these albums

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I love folkmusic of many kinds. Irish folk is great, such as The Irish Rovers or The Wolftones. I love going online and trying find all sorts of folkmusic from Europe. A lot of the folkmusic here from Québec is great, and I really love Celtic stuff, too.

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I learned guitar by learning the blues first.

I’m very fond of jazz and bluegrass, but folk is my favorite out of all these. There are some great neo-folk/bluegrass acts out there.

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of course. (Jelly Roll Morton is NSFW)

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Yes, Jazz and Folk, blues and bluegrass sometimes, as long as not too country.

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I like some types of jazz, like late 1950’s era stuff like Miles Davis, but I absolutely hate the more modern type of jazz that ephasizes high pitched, squeaky (off key to my ear) saxophone heavy riffs with seemingly no melody. I like ambient jazz. I like some types of rock and roll mixed with jazz, especially The Doors music. Dixieland jazz and Ragtime music have always been favorites of mine ever since I was a little kid. And 1940’s era Swing Jazz is awesome!

I love Gypsy Jazz as performed by the legendary Django Reinhardt, and the contemporary John Jorgenson

I love 1950’s thru 1960’s era folk music (Peter Paul and Mary, Mamas and Papas, Kingston Trio, Donovan, Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel) and of course, the soundtrack to A Mighty Wind which is supposed to be a parody of that music, but the songs are so brilliant, that I love them in and of themselves. Who knew that Eugene Levy could sing!?

I love Irish, Scottish and British folk music like sea shanties and the like. I love the sound of fiddles and those Irish instruments that are similar to bagpipes, but don’t have the upper pipes on them (anyone know what they’re called?) And I love British country dance music (that they often show in British period pieces where all the men and women are lined up across from each other and then they go down the line, switching up with each partner).

I love most Bluegrass music, especially banjo music.

I like some Blues music and don’t care for some other Blues music. Those songs seem to be all over the map, from awesome to boring. Just depends upon the singer and the song. There is a really great song from the movie The Color Purple called Miss Celie’s Blues which knocked my socks off when I first heard it.

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22 years old, love love love this music. Especially bluegrass. Look up the Powder Kegs. They’re not super famous but my brother went to college with them and they toured a bit and they’re really great.

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P.S. The Powder Kegs stopped doing bluegrass, I think. But their album “The Seedhouse” is 100% blue

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@sliceswiththings The only music I can find by the Powder Kegs is from “The Amanicans” and “Empty Side”. Any idea where I could hear music from “The Seedhouse”?

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Yes, yes, yes, and yes.
I love music that cannot be limited to one genre, like how Steely Dan is very rock, and very jazz.

Remember to check out the Grateful Dead. People forget how rooted they are in bluegrass.

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Guitar jazz is da bomb!

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Love it. Well, I don’t love most folk music (except Celtic type stuff), but I like it well enough. Jazz, blues and bluegrass are a treat, though. Have you all listened to the soundtrack for O Brother, Where Art Thou?? If not, please do. :)

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I love jazz and blues (the older stuff). I like some bluegrass. Not too big on the folk music though – I like some of the Irish folk music.

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@rockfan If you’re still around, welcome to fluther. You seemed to have asked a question, but didn’t say anything since. It was well crafted, well thought out – yet you haven’t acknowledged the many answers you got, saying whether you enjoyed the links et al.


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I like some Bluegrass and a fair amount of Folk. I don’t “get” Jazz though.

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Yes! I love jazz, blues, and folk music. And also good ol’ rock and roll.

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I like some bluegrass and folk music, but it’s not something I listen to on a regular basis. I listen to it when I’m in certain areas of Connecticut and there’s a certain station that plays stuff like that. To me, it reminds me of the country, mountains, a simpler time (all things I have never lived in or through, but I can fantasize).

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