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What are those new dolls that have removable hair?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2784points) June 26th, 2011

My grandma wants to buy something for my young cousin, and I suggested the new dolls that have wigs that you can switch out with different ones. However, I don’t know the name and I can’t find it on google. Anyone have any idea on what they’re called?

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I’m pretty sure they’re Bratz dolls.

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no their not, but very similar.
They have longer legs and a “thinner” head.

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They are Moxie dolls, I bought my daughter one and had to glue on the hair since she is only 3. She insisted she had to have it because she thought it looked like my sister and she named it her Debbie doll after my sister.

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Sorry – this is in General.

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I found them, they’re not Moxie dolls.
They are called Liv dolls.

Thank you for your help though! :D

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