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What does it take for you to post an online review of a place (ie Yelp, Google Places)?

Asked by Aethelflaed (13752points) June 26th, 2011

Do you only post a review if you thought it was horrible? Or only if it’s a total rave? Do you post about any place you went to?

Me, I post if it was a memorable experience enough to remember to write a review when I get home.

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Either the experience has to be bad or REALLY good, or I need to be phenomenally bored.

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I post if the place is a hell hole, to ward people off. I also take this in to account when reading reviews.

If a bar has 6 bad reviews for that year, it’s probably a bad bar, but if a hotel with 20 times as much clientel has 6 bad reviews, then it’s probably actually quite nice, just bad for a very specific demographic.

I don’t really trust online reviews, it would be very easy for me, with a weeks work in my free time, to get any place a load of great reviews with fake accounts on loads of review sites.

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I post reviews all the time on open table, both positive and negative.

I refuse to post reviews on Yelp or to use it, since it extorts small business owners to pay for positive reviews and kill negative reviews.

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I have never posted a review of place.

Even when I got a takeout from this Thai place that had three large bugs of three different species.

Instead, I threw up.

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@zenvelo Huh. I’ve never heard of Open Table. What’s different about it that it doesn’t extort small business owners to pay for positive reviews and kill negative reviews?

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@zenvelo Oooo wow. I just looked up Yelp and extortion. Wow, I had no idea they were doing that – I just thought you meant that getting bad reviews prompts businesses to do something about the reviews. Thanks.

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