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Does anyone know of a really great website for hairstyle photos?

Asked by Seelix (14947points) June 27th, 2011

You know, photos to take to the stylist to show what kind of haircut you want. I’ve found a ton of sites while Googling, but a lot of them have terrible 80s photos and usually show only one angle.

I’m thinking of getting my hair cut in the next month or so – I’ve had enough of the long, boring hair and want to go back to something shorter and funky, with lots of chunky layers. My problem is that I don’t know how to articulate the style that I have in my mind’s eye.

Ideally, what I’d like is a site showing medium to short hairstyles for women with various angles. Has anyone run across a great site?

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Try searching for hairstyles on Pinterest

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I sent this Q to KatawaGrey, she always finds cool pix of hair before she goes to the stylist. (Not sure when she’ll get back to you, she’s upstairs asleep at the moment…. :-)

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Try you can try on different celebrities hair, color, highlights, and it works pretty well.

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@Seelix thank you for asking this question because I needed the answer too. I’ve always searched for hairstyles/cuts as well but can never find any site with new or edgy styles. I want a cut that I don’t have to style forever to look good.

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@redfeather – Thanks – I’m sure that site will be helpful to others, but I’m looking more for just really great photos. I’ve had so many different styles over the years that I’m pretty confident that I can pull off anything ;)

Thanks to @Facade and @JilltheTooth as well :)

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@Facade that website is shamazing. Actually going to spend my whole day browsing through it.

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@sarahhhhh You’ll get addicted =)

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All the fashion magazine’s have good hair styles. I mean, some are awful, but If you like the magazines, you will like the hairstyles.

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Courtesy of @marinelife on one of my questions, I found this great site for hairstyles!

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@rOs – I was thinking funky, not totally tubular ;)

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Celebrity photos. Seriously. You cannot go wrong with a current celebrity’s photo. Last time I got my hair cut, I took in a picture of Jessica Alba with the hair I wanted.

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