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How can I send a broken attachment file?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) June 27th, 2011

I’m trying to send a broken attachment file through email so it shows I sent them the attachment but when the person tries to open the attachment file, it won’t open. How can I do this! Please help. very important

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What kind of file are you trying to send and HOW big is it?
It may not be broken only too large or not allowed.
Also are you sending a “Mac” file to a PC?

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I’m using a Mac. and the latest version of Microsoft Word. 5 pages of text.

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Okay, now what version of Word is the recipient using? They may have an older version of Word and that is the problem. Also try splitting the text into several page and send just one page to the person.

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Am I reading this question right? You want to send a defective file? Or are you trying to send a file but the recipient says it’s defective when they get it, and you just worded it wrong?

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no you read it correct but I learned how to do it. I have a nother super important question I’d like to ask you though, It’s about my essay for college that I’ve been working on for 5 to 6 hours now….

I was wondering How can I put my last name and page number on the top right corner of each page? MLA format. I cant just type it, I need to insert it. How can I do this, help please.

@jerv @Tropical_Willie

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Go to the “Headers and Footers” add it there and it will show up on all pages. Headersare at the top and footers at the bottom of the pages.

Look it up on “HELP”

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