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If for your last meal you requested human flesh...?

Asked by rock4ever (1866points) June 27th, 2011

If you were given the death penalty and you requested for your last meal a human steak would they have to give it to you? Just wondering.

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Of course they would have to give it to you! Isn’t it obvious? The problem is, they’d take it out of your skin. I mean, think about it. You won’t be needing it much longer, will you?

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Being that it’s illegal, I’d say no.

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I think at that point, they might just consider skipping the last meal.

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Only if it came from your own flank…—heh heh he—-

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If there’s a place where this would be allowed, remind me to never go visit. O_o

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Wouldn’t bother me, not one jot. For I am vagitarian & fiercely proud of it, damn ya eyes! ;¬}

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Just so you know, people on death row can’t order anything they like. They get a couple of choices, and thats all. The most common request seems to be cheeseburgers.

So yes, they don’t have to give you anything. You could ask for a perfectly normal thing, such as pork chops and apple sauce and still be told no.

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No. The regulations state that your last meal has to be “within reason.”

I can find a citation if you’re interested. Some of the things people choose as their last meal are really interesting.

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I wonder if you could order beef ribs…. and use the bones as weapons or tools… to escape? The last meal is like a last request, but everything has probably been tried before…. If I could choose my mode of death it would be thrombosis by over use of computer….I would Fluther to the end, or NSFW surfing.

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Hannibal Lecter would have done it.

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Cut. Scene. Exit stage right.

Cue the electric chair. Shylock remains hungry.

And end scene.

That was The Merchant of Venice on death row 2011.

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What about live human flesh in a sexy outfit? I’d go for that one. That might be worth asking about too, would one be interested in sex before one’s own execution? And why not put that down as a dead man walking option…food or sex?

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@mazingerz88 Hmm, I wonder indeed, if someone asked for an escort, if that would be allowed?

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@mazingerz88 Hannibal Lechter might argue that it was a two-fer.

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Probably not…and do you really want human meat for your last meal? What crime did you commit? Are you sick!?


Maybe if it was the flesh of the last person they executed! Waste not, want not. Lol. Yeech.

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@pshizzle Here’s your questions answered in order! Yes, none, yes.
@MRSHINYSHOES haha that’s great!

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