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What is your question to Fluther in 2025?

Asked by rebbel (28390points) June 27th, 2011

Inspired by the “Fluther in the 80’s” question.

A bit difficult to imagine how life will look like in fourteen years, but can you think of a future question to ask the Jellies in 2025?

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Why did everyone quit reading books?

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I can’t think of a question, but here is one I would expect to pop up:

Does anyone remember Justin Bieber? He was sooo cool!

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Will you help me plan my daughter’s surprise 21st birthday party.

(yikes! she’s only 7 now. I don’t want to think about that yet)

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so i dremed about this guy i liek what does this mean?


my bf nuttered in my virginer hole am i pregnit?

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Am I still alive?

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Son of a bitch, I really need to start reading question details more closely.

I would ask everyone what the best way to sweeten Victory Coffee is.

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Why is my hovercar not working? It starts up, but once I go about 50 feet, it makes a popping noise and just quits.

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Where is my damned jet pack? They promised us a jet pack.

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My phone chip implant keeps shorting out when I take a shower. What do I do?

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Do we still use toilet paper? And is jailbait still jailbait?

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What’s your favourite zombie movie?

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My nieces have stuck me in this nursing home, how do I escape?

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Where the fuck is my flying car?

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How did spending all that money on your blue-ray collection work out for you?

How do I use the three sea shells?

Can you believe Queen Elizabeth is still fucking alive? She was like 85 when I originally posted this… It just goes to show what you can buy when you have 500 million Micro iAppoogle SoftBook Globo-Credits to your name.

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Which is the best hospital to get those longevity treatments in?

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What is a Jelliatric?

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Will you come and put flowers on my grave?

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What are some of your best memories from, say, fourteen years ago?

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What are some outlandish things I can do to celebrate turning 60 next year?

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Are people allowed to marry their kin and have muliple husbands and wives yet?

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What the fuck was fluther anyway?

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@jerv Funny you should mention that. I was having a converstation with a friend nearly as old as I, wondered what happened to the flying cars we were told we would have in 2001 and we back when we were in grade school.

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My portal gun isn’t working, what could be wrong?

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Why does everyone on Mars speak Chinese?

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Should we rename Earth to Google?

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@jerv You a fan of Calvin and Hobbes by any chance?

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When are they going to build that addition to the Fluther mansion?? It’s getting damn crowded in here!

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