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What is the best way to clean a bathing suit?

Asked by occ (4080points) April 28th, 2008

Whenever I go in a chlorinated pool, my bathing suit smells of chlorine after I wash it out in clean water. If hand-wash it with soap, the bathing suit fabric seems to get a little crunchy when it dries. Is it better just to wash it with clean water and let it smell like chlorine? What’s the best way to make sure the bathing suit lasts a long time?

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rinse in cold water after swimming then soak in a bit of woolite once you’re home for 10 min or so, hang to dry.

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I tend to let them soak for a while, with a little bit of detergent for hand wash.

The soap you use, is it actual soap or detergent? I always pack a small box of hand-wash detergent when going on holiday. Seems to work OK – but then I don’t hang on to holiday bathing suits for that long.
Regular ones for swimming, I rinse in water and put in laundry.

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Hand wash it and air dry

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just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

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@ loser – good one

I think they do have some special soap for it. But if memory serves it was expensive back in ‘87.

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Bri….if it’s lasted since ‘87 (bathingsuit and/or detergent) it must be good!! :)

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Hehe. I will try and find out the soap name

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I rinse them out with the soap I use while I shower. And then air dry. They last about a year—maybe more. And I buy several new ones at Costco for $20 each year.

I use “good” bathing suits in the lake—but try and stay out of chlorine.

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First, do not pee in it while swimming.

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