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Would you like it if Fluther had a "bulletin board" where, if someone were going to delete their account, they could post a message to everyone else?

Asked by jca (36043points) June 27th, 2011

Sometimes people leave Fluther that have been here for a long time. I can remember a bunch of names over the years of people that have been a vital part of the community and then for whatever reason they delete their accounts (then there are the ones that get deleted involuntarily – we’re not talking about them!). They might have a message or a reason or just simply want to say goodbye to the rest of us.

Would you like it if Fluther had a bulletin board or a graveyard or something where the people that were going to delete their accounts could post a message to the rest of the community, perhaps explaining, just saying goodbye or maybe posting a forwarding email address?

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It kind of seems like a good idea at first but I fear that each post will turn into the whole ‘why, who did this to you, let me go kill them’ kind of whine back and forth and members might use this bulletin to fake out, psych out and look for a pat on the back for their bitching. Man, aren’t I a peach today? It might work out.

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If they cared that much to say good bye they would send me a PM….

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir has got it right. Far too many people leave because of some perceived slight against them or because they got into a fight with other users. Letting people air their grievances before they left which is exactly what would happen would only create more problems and fighting among users.

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Yeah, what both @Simone_De_Beauvoir and @uberbatman said. people have so many reasons for leaving, let them just tell the ones they’re close to in PMs. And, what about the ones who are suspended or banned? Wouldn’t their absence speak a few volumes? As it is, we don’t know if someone is banned or has left of their own volition.

And what @KatawaGrey said…

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Well, it it was a bulletin board kind of thing, where only the user who was leaving could leave one note that couldn’t be responded too…it might be an eye opener.

For some reason, Red Power Lady came to mind just now….and come to think of it, sometimes it can be months before you realize someone has left.

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I was just talking to @KatawaGrey about this on the phone, and it brought to mind last December (?) when the boys went to Twitter, we madly made arrangements to be in touch we the people we cared about. If I don’t notice someone is gone, maybe they don’t want people to notice. If I do, and I didn’t make arrangements ahead of time, then I can ask Auggie to send them my email address.

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Well, but you don’t have to uber best friends with someone to notice they’re gone and miss the conversations you’ve had…I mean, eventually.

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I don’t think it would help. The times I’ve left, I didn’t want to say anything to anybody. I figured noone would notice I had gone. As @Dutchess_III said, it can be months before someone notices.

Even if there were one, the reasons why I left would be pretty personal, and quite possibly petty. I wouldn’t put that on a public bulletin board where people might argue with me or even put me down further. I don’t think it’ll work.

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If someone leaves – and doesn’t intend to come back – and they didn’t mention it to me – plus how to stay in touch via face or mail, then bye bye. God speed, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

@dutchess: recently, a “new” jelly showed up that you could tell instantly had been a reg. Her name even had a little “red” in it. I thought it might be her – but it isn’t. I have also thought about RPL lately, I don’t know why. That Indian got under my skin – we used to quarrell, then became fluther buddies. I miss the bitch.

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Usually, the people who leave voluntarily do tell a few people why they’re leaving via PM (unless they just sort of fade away, which happens, too.) I’m pretty sure a bulletin board would be abused by people leaving in a huff. A final parting shot, you know?

A lot of people who seem to have suddenly disappeared were actually suspended, and may or may not choose to come back – and may or may not choose to tell people about it if they do return. Then of course there are those that end up banned.

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Fuck no. We have more than enough drama as it is.

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For the record, RPL stopped coming around regularly when she had a baby, so I would imagine that has something to do with her prolonged absence.

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Pfft. Excuses, excuses ~

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Now that’s a very broad definition of “relatively”.

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It bears keeping in mind that there is a huge amount that goes on behind the scenes that non-mod users know nothing about.

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I think Fluther needs a message board but not necessarily for this reason.

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Why not? How will people know to pop the corks on the champaign the day I swim out of the lagoon for good?

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If they were willing to share their reasons then this would be a nice touch. @Dutchess_III I miss @RedPowerLady.

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I’d love it. We could have “Going Away” parties!!

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@Aster O, I can see that. At the going away party…“I DIDN’T REALLY MEAN IT WHEN I SAID ‘UR A LOSER AND I WISH YOU’D JUMP IN FRONT OF A SPEEDING FIRETRUCK!” I know I sounded like I meant it at the time, but I didn’t really….

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It bears keeping in mind that there is a huge amount that goes on behind the scenes that non-mod users know nothing about. That is not lie. If us regular mooks ever knew we’d be clipped and end up as part of the new interstate freeway extension. Har har har

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@Hypocrisy_Central: You have been marked for retrieval. Do not run. We will find you.

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I knew there was a reason you hardly see Grumpyfish and Dog, they are prbably the wet assets, just don’t make me suffer; two quick ones in the back of the skull please. And when you lay me out before they pour the cement don’t chop me into little pieces first.

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@Hippie Central….they’d have to be BLIND not to see it now!!

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I don’t know if this is the right thread, but I just thought of an answer to the girl who wanted to change her name on here. I don’t remember, but @gmama is the name of the day. I was watching TLC and a black woman’s granddaughter was a contestant in the beauty pageants. Her granddaugher calls her Gmama. I wish I’d thought of that. I’m Ganny. But that is cool too.

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I’ll be on vacation next week. Little or no access to internet, and too many fun things to do, so you won’t be seeing me much, if at all.

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Have a wonderful vacation @wundayatta. I’m sure it is well deserved.

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Thank you, @bkcunningham. It was very enjoyable.

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