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Did KFC change their mashed potato bowl to have shredded chicken, or is that just mine?

Asked by Aethelflaed (13747points) June 27th, 2011

The last few times I’ve gotten the mashed potato bowl at KFC, it’s had shredded chicken, not popcorn chicken like it used to. Is this just the ones near me screwing up, or is this a proper change?

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I think some things can be decided by the franchise owner rather than at the KFC corporate level, some franchises are stricter than others and I don’t know how things work at KFC. I checked the KFC menu online and they still list the potato bowl as coming with “bite-size pieces of crispy chicken” so it might just be that one.

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@lillycoyote Ooo. Wow. Ok. I remember them being advertised originally (years ago) as having popcorn chicken, but maybe they’ve loosened things up a bit. Thanks! And thanks!

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Yeah I noticed that.I miss being able to get a KFC rice bowl. They would put the chicken in with the rice and a special kind of sauce, but they discontinued it.

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