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How would you lead this company rebranding exercise?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) June 28th, 2011

I have been hired as a consultant to work on the overall marketing strategy. One such area is to rewrite and reimage the copy for the website. The overall idea is larger than that, of course, so I am going to start from the ground up.

I am meeting with the staff in pairs (it’s a small tech start-up, around 10 people), and will be asking them about their perspectives on the company, etc. I’ve asked each to come prepared a 1 line description of what the company does (something we are working on expressing cogently and succinctly).

After I meet with the staff, I am going to compile the information and then meet with the CEO & COO (perhaps independently, perhaps not – not sure yet).

Any advice on all of this – the way to run meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc.? If you need more info – holler.

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I am no expert here at all, but I would ask what they are not..what kind of a company are they not. This could be important to review and might hold clues to what they really are. Also ask who is their competition and how they will set themselves apart from them. Plus technology is ever changing and rapidly at that so I would guess they/you would want to focus on how this company will evolve as technology evolves and how their customers will benefit from this ability.

Find out what makes this firm standout. Employees to can make a huge difference in a companies ability to succeed. Good luck!

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Before I agreed to do work “on the overall marketing strategy” (kind of a vague reason for hiring, isn’t it?) I’d ask specifically what those who hired me expected to achieve.

- New market penetration?
– Increasing share of existing markets?
– Introduce new products?
– Re-introduce the existing company?
– Modify the company somehow, and re-introduce that?

And how will you know when success has been achieved?
– Increased sales?
– Increased profits?
– Increased “awareness”? And how would that (and any other non-quantifiable ideal or ‘metric’) be judged?

Meeting with and interviewing staff is not so bad to introduce yourself and get a feel for the company, but what is it exactly that you need to achieve? When you know what you need to achieve then I think people could answer better what it is you need to do to get there.

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Use lots and lots of high quality photographs for illustration. Lead with beautiful inspiring imagery of the people who work there, and the results their efforts produce. Instill a visual connection first and foremost. Eye candy is important in today’s marketplace.

Your copy is the substance that backs it all up.

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It’s pretty hard for one person to be an expert in everything. As a consultant in this field, what kind of background do you have? What is your mission as a consultant? What did you promise to accomplish? I’m wondering if you need to team up with a colleague who has expertise in the areas where you’re lacking (such as in running meetings and brainstorming sessions).

If this project involves a drastic overhaul of company self-image from the ground up, you might want to consider running a few sessions on big principles such as paradigm shifts and openness to change in a business setting. A lot of people feel threatened by those things and dig in their heels and resist because they’re worried that they’ll lose ground in the new environment and may even lose their place in the organization. Also, those who designed or created the present structures and programs may take the changes as a judgment against their past work, which they will want to defend. So your task might be considerably larger than just “rebranding” and may veer off into psychology and human resources management.

Defining what “done” looks like is essential before you start.

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