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If you could move to any other country than where you live, where would it be?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) June 28th, 2011

Honestly, I would move to Russia or Taiwan or Colombia.

Also, give your reasons why! I’d love to hear what you say!

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Shanghai is a city.

I would move to Norway. I like cold weather.

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Spain or Ireland

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England [ for all that rain ] .

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I don’t know whether there is a country out there that I would like to settle at, but my significant other is dying to get out of the United States. We’ve been talking about Australia a lot lately, but it’s only talk.

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Saudi Arabia for the high rate of pay and low tax.

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I’d move to Sweden in a heartbeat, I’ve so fallen in love with it through the wonderful Wallander stories, and through the adaptations starring Kenneth Branagh, who has owned my heart for a lot of years but when it comes to Wallander, well, much as the look of the BBC Wallander stories is positively breathtaking, and the BBC version has the most beautiful theme song too my favourite Kurt is played by Krister Henriksson

They’ve started releasing Krister’s stories on dvd here in boxsets <does a snoopy happy dance… little nose pointed to the sun> Krister Henriksson doesn’t play Kurt he is Kurt and the Swedish stories are just fantastic, gritty, well written, all of the good things a detective story is supposed to be. If any fellow jellies haven’t seen them yet, well worth the effort. So, yes, Sweden could lure me aware from my much loved homeland.

Switzerland is also attractive, being the total chocolate addict I am LOL. Another bonus in Switzerland’s favour is not being part of the hell spawn that is the EU actually, but thats a whole other story.
huggles xx

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I have been pondering this for years I’m stuck either LA or Alberta. Maybe 6 months in one 6 months in the other, best of both worlds. But that is not the question so if I have to choose I choose Alberta.

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I think I’d want to move to Greece. Have a place in one of those rocky villages on the shores of the Aegean. Eat simple food. Go to gatherings of the local community. Have visitors. And write.

Hmmm. Not fulltime, though. New Zealand might be a permanent moving place. Beautiful, they speak my language, there are potential jobs. Yep. That’s where I’m going.

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I wouldn’t mind trying out Ireland or Scotland. My parents and a few friends have been to both countries and said that both places were incredibly beautiful and inhabited by really friendly people. That’s not a bad combination.

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Italy. It’s just so beautiful and vintage. And beautiful.

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(US here.) England. I really like the country, and my SO lives there.

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Japan. In just a few miles you can go from excitement to quiet. Great public transportation system, delicious food, polite citizens and safe streets.
Prefect. Except for that small earthquake, tsunami, radiation thing they got going on.

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@WillWorkForChocolate & @Jude I’ll tade places with either of you and you can have a 4-season day everyday here ;)
I’d move to South Africa in a heartbeat. I’d also like to live in Canada.

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Alaska! First of all there’s no mosquito there so I don’t have to donate my precious blood every day (since I live in tropical island). Not too much destructive UV light. It’s also cold and not so overcrowded there. I must also admit that things are cheaper here so that’s why I still prefer to stay where I am now.

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Scotland for the scotch…
Vancouver, Canada for the weather…

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I’m between Saint Louis and Chicago in reality but would move to pretty much anywhere in Germany in a heartbeat. I like Germany and am almost fluent. Those would be my reasons (besides that it’s not
the US) the people seem much more educated and lack the
‘united statesness’ that makes
us so unlikeable here at times. I’m ready for the swarm of jellys that are gonna run me offa here :P

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I’d like to try New Zealand or France. I love France but I’ve heard the French are not so friendly to ex-pat Brits….

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Scotland or America

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I’d move to San Francisco, CA in the USA. I live in Italy.

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