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For those of y'all (Americans) who lived or stayed in Canada for awhile, what did you think?

Asked by Jude (32112points) June 28th, 2011

Did you find it any different from living in the U.S.? What were your likes and dislikes?

Maybe, my partner will come and live in Canada once we settle down and get married.

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Niagara Falls was very wet and Toronto is like New York City with less hustle and bustle.

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@erichw1504 Did you like Toronto, though? :)

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Cold. Beautiful. Friendly.

Those were the things that stood out, so I guess the rest was pretty much the same as the US.

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@Jude Yes, Toronto was great. Plenty of things to do and places to see.

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I liked it alot. I thought it was cleaner than the US, less litter, and they seemed to put more effort into the landscapes and gardens. The people were friendlier and more considerate of others.

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I love Canadian cities. They feel safe, people are helpful, and it is easy to get around. Also, food is generally very good, shopping, all that very nice.

Probably one of my favorites is Vancouver, although my mom’s all time favorite city in the world is Toronto, she just loves that city, she is thinking of spending a summer there.

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@JLeslie Toronto is a huge multicultural city. I love it, too! I never been to Vancouver. I heard that it was gorgeous. I am pretty sure that tinyfaery lived there for a year. :)

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I liked it.Not much different than the US IMO,except that they put malt vinegar on their fries…

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I used to really hate Toronto, but after having been here for almost a year, I’ve grown a little attached.

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@Jude Don’t get me wrong, I like Toronto very much also.

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I liked Canada when I visited. So, I’d give it an “eh”.

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It’s a beautiful place to go touring. We spent a couple of weeks driving around New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI ages ago. We enjoyed it an awful lot. We should go back. I can’t say that I really felt like I was in a different country.

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Love the Thousand Islands and the Royal Military College.

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I’ve been to Canada on several occasions and didn’t notice any significant changes from living here in the United States. Canada is a very beautiful country, in my opinion, and the citizens that I had an occasion to meet were always warm and friendly.

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I live in Chicago, but have spent a good bit of time with in-laws in Toronto.

It was interesting to browse through this site, which compares Canada to “peer countries” on several criteria. Clearly, Canada does a much better job with basic education than we do (e.g. math, science, reading, problem-solving skills).

Canadians have a considerably higher confidence in their government than we do. They also rank a good bit higher in life satisfaction.

There’s less difference than one might expect in terms of crime, though. And overall health rankings are not vastly superior to the US (and ours are downright shameful).

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Yay, teachers and the wonderful education system here.

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St John N.B. was cold and gloomy. But the Bay of Fundy was pretty neat. I didn’t like how little was on the TV. in fact all I remember of Canadian TV was “It’s hockey night in Canada!”

But I lived in Canada in 1959— 1960.

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Vancouver’s the only city I’ve thought about moving to in recent years. We have some excellent relatives in B.C.

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I spent some time in Vancouver in 1993, 7 months to be exact, and I had a great time. The weather is great and the city is beautiful. I did notice that there were no black people in Vancouver. Some of the people I met were overtly racist and nationalistic. Someone told me they didn’t like Americans right to my face. As if we’re all the same. Other than that, I loved being there. It’s probably a lot different now, hopefully.

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