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What is your favorite chore?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) June 28th, 2011

Amwiser asked about your least favorite chore. That reminded me of a zen practice I learned about at Kripalu Institute. The inmates run the asylum there which means everybody does everything, including cleaning the toilets.

People normally don’t think of cleaning toilets as a fun thing to do, but at Kripalu, they turn it into a meditative practice. They have some of the cleanest bathrooms I have ever seen! Mindfulness and toilet bowl scrubbing. Who would have thought?

Let’s turn things around and think positively instead of negatively. What is your favorite chore? Why?

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I really like to vacuum, it reminds me of raking a zen garden.

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Doing the dishes. Yep. I know it sounds crazy, but I actually use it as a form of meditation. I focus on the sensations of the water and soap, the sounds, etc. and I wash the large pots and pans slowly and thoroughly.
Loading the dishwasher becomes a puzzle challenge.
Also, there is something very satisfying about a clean kitchen.

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Believe it or not, I enjoy taking out the trash. Since I live alone and don’t generate a lot of it, it’s “an event” (man, do I need a life, or what?) when it happens, so I scope out the whole house to see “what else do I need to throw out now?” and get rid of more than just a single bag if I can.

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I like to fold laundry in between weight lifting sets.
Yeah,I know it’s weird. XD

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Mowing the lawn.

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I love doing laundry. I wash my clothes every day.

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Probably yard work (if that is a chore). It’s nice to be outdoors and the extra exercise I get helps with the exercise portion of my diabetes control regimen.

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Cleaning out my closet to give to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. I get to get rid of the stuff I don’t want and help people who can’t afford regularly priced clothing any other way. I try to do it every other season.

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Tending to my wife’s “needs”.

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Doing laundry.

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Laundry, ironing, cooking, cleaning the tile grout, scrubbing the toilets (only the ones in my own home because I scrubbed them and I know they’re clean), dusting the ceiling fan blades, cleaning my baby’s room, mopping, polishing silver

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@redfeather Aspire much lol?

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@Blackberry I like shiny things!!! (it’s also part of my training to be a trophy wife, duuuh)

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What kind of question is this!?

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I’m gonna go with cleaning the kitchen. Since I’m in there all the time, I clean before I cook and then again, after I cook. Mostly because I can’t stand the idea of a messy, dirty kitchen, so I clean it several times a day. Can’t say that I really love doing it, but the alternative horrifies me.

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Foot massage for the wife, I call it a chore, it’s a pleasure really. Although she does tend to order me almost at will to do the deed.
I’m the fucking foot master!

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Vacuming/putting away the dishes.

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Laundry, putting the dishes in the dishwasher

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Washing the dishes not drying.
Vacuuming, i don’t like brooming well, i can’t find the power button on it.

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Cleaning my lenses is more of a zen meditation than a chore.

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Gardening, washing dishes, and vacuuming.

I enjoy cleaning. I find it cathartic.

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Organising things so they’re nice and neat. So I suppose dusting bookcases and the likes.

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Organizing my closets and weeding out items I don’t use anymore to give them away. I like to be able to walk in there and know I can take any item off a hanger and it’s going to fit as well as be in good condition.

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Water the garden in the morning. It feels so great to see your green babies grow up and smell them. I don’t like to water my garden in the afternoon, there are too many mosquito.

I also like to wash the dishes and tidy up things.

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Watering. Once I get up off my lazy butt to do it.

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Giving my wife a back massage. It usually leads to other fun stuff ;)

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Yes, you are soooo sneaky too!

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Mopping the floors.
The Swiffer Wetjet is my friend.

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To me it’s an oxymoron. I can’t combine the ideas of “chore” and “favorite” in any meaningful way. If it’s a chore, I probably hate it; the best I can manage for any is “don’t mind it so much.” Not enough Zen under my belt yet, apparently.

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Oh ya, mopping the kitchen floor is one of my favorites. It also leads to other fun stuff as it’s some of my wife’s favorite choreplay. After this and the previous post you probably think I only work for sex. It’s not true I also ah ....... ah….. oh never mind.

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It used to be delegating chores to my kids and listen to them moan.

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Gardening, I guess, but I don’t call it a chore. Like @Jeruba favorite and chore don’t go together. Tidying my bedroom would be least offensive of housework chores.

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My favorite chore is procrastination.

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I enjoy ironing and washing up (mainly because I love the feel of warm water).

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The problem with chores is that their very nature is that they need to be done over and over and over again. I may enjoy doing something once but I hate the maintenance aspect of it. I don’t find it meditative at all, probably I don’t try hard enough to get into the flow. I do love gardening and it is rewarding in a way few other tasks are. At least when you have to maintain your garden by watering and weeding it pays you back by getting more and more beautiful! No one can say that about making a bed or cleaning a toilet lol. Another chore I am surprised that no one mentioned is cooking. I enjoy cooking when I have the time to do something special but not during the week when I am tired and rushed. I also enjoy sewing. Sewing is rewarding in the same way that gardening is. When you are done you have not just maintained, you have created something new that did not exist before. I do get into a flow when I am sewing… long as my bobbin doesn’t run out…..that is the worst! It always seems to happen just when you get to the end of a difficult seam!

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I love doing laundry and vacuuming (ESP with the Dyson) – I honestly don’t mind the toilets either because when they’re sparkly clean it brings me great joy. When it’s not crazy hot out or when my allergies aren’t going crazy I do like cutting the grass (with the weighted yard striper thing) I find cleaning cathartic and I have OCD

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Dishes. Therapeutic.

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