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What do you like/dislike most about yourself?

Asked by ucme (50034points) June 28th, 2011

Been a ton of questions lately regarding what you like & what annoys you about various people. Well, now I ask you to point that finger at yourselves. If you feel like contributing, then go for it!

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My wild temper and stubborn streak.
Yes,you too can call me“Sweetness and Light” :)
What about yoooooooou?

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@Sweetness and Light You have a wild temper? Now that i’d like to see…..or would I? ;¬}

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Hate: My tendency to trust too easily.
Like: My enduring and determined nature.

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Like: my creativity and imagination

Dislike: my jealousy issues and passivity

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I’m a compulsive talker.

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I get distracted too easily. Fluther does not help!

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

@ucme—You probably wouldn’t.
I should’ve added impatience,as I did not read the part in your q that wanted to know what I liked….I like…cooking skills In other people ;)

Judi's avatar

My absentmindedness, and my constant appetite. The appetite is easier to control.
Where the heck are my keys? I was supposed to be where? Oh Crap I forgot!

Rarebear's avatar

I dislike my attention deficit disorder.
I like that I’m a generally optimistic person.

Jude's avatar

You have your procrastination queen ri’chere.

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@lucillelucillelucille Yeah well you can’t be any worse than the wife. Boy when she blows it’s best to set an exclusion zone around her, about 2 miles or so :¬(
I guess I like my easy going positive nature.
I probably could be better with my Ty p#i….Ng SKiLLs.

Jude's avatar

Like: my sense of adventure.

rebbel's avatar

I am sweet, which I like.
And stubborn, quiet when i should talk, procrastinator, an administrative disaster, moody for no reason whatsoever and talk to much when i should be quiet, which I don’t like.

tedibear's avatar

Dislike: my looks, how I react when under stress (I get a little crabby.), that I can be stubborn, sometimes I forget to get to the point in conversations, I can be jealous sometimes,

Like: I’m pleasant, friendly, helpful, generally kind, sometimes creative, and hard working.

FutureMemory's avatar

Dislike: I invented procrastination. Seriously.

Like: I have a big heart.

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Hey I gotta run, getting late here. Catch this thread tomorrow, cheers folks!

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I worry too much. I don’t like that.

I’m a sweetheart. That, I like.

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@FutureMemory I think that I love you.

athenasgriffin's avatar

I love that I’m (almost always) kind to others.

I don’t love that I can’t hold a grudge.

beckk's avatar

I hate that I am way to trusting and way to forgiving.

Facade's avatar

I like how intuitive I am my sense of style.
I dislike how I react to negativity and some aspects of my appearance.

Photosopher's avatar

Likes: My Alpha nature.

Dislikes: My Alpha nature.

redfeather's avatar

My sense of humor and my body.

tranquilsea's avatar

Like: my inner imperative to help the people who can’t help themselves…who have no voice.

Dislike: the overwhelming emotions that come along with being empathetic.

tom_g's avatar

I like what I consider to be my priorities and values.

I dislike my tendency to temporarily forget those priorities and values from time to time.

stardust's avatar

I like my creativity
I dislike my dark moods

Dutchess_III's avatar

@Rarebear You have ADD? That explains it!

Like: That I like challenges and puzzles.
Dislike: That I have a hard time relating to others outside of my family and friends.

jrpowell's avatar

Like : I don’t really worry about anything. I haven’t been really stressed out in years.

Dislike : My addiction to alcohol and cigarettes.

Your_Majesty's avatar

Like: Everything. Maybe that’s why I’m narcissistic.
Dislike: That I provoke others because of my way of thinking (my cleverness, beauty, ideology, etc). Now I feel sinful for being so good and independent.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

I like my stubborn, blunt, bitchy nature.
I dislike my stubborn, blunt, bitchy nature.

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I am a fair person. I was once a strict but fair foreman. Folks appreciated me.
I lived in a time where gender rules were absolute. I shattered through these, and often cooked dinner for my family.

My driving skills are to be questioned. They caused me to be this dead guy. Fortunately, the only other thing that was destroyed was a garbage can. I litter a lot, and I’m clumsy. Of course, littering back in my day wasn’t seen as anything bad. I regret my actions now, as I see the state of our planet.
I also don’t like that I frighten people.

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I like that I really don’t give a fuck, but I don’t like what comes from that; never doing anything to improve myself or try to fix problems.
Still, one may seem so wrong since shit don’t get done, but the other seems just as right because I genuinely seem to save myself so much trouble . What are ya gonna do. :/

All that is probably and totally some entirely different thing I’m not realizing though.

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I dislike that I can’t decorate a room to save my life but I can cook you a meal that will put a smile on your face! :)

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most everything

my ability to keep my ass moving despite not liking much about myself.



Without sounding vain, my classic, muscular “swimmer’s physique” (that is, well-muscled and streamlined but not too muscular, broad shoulders, long legs. small waist.). I used to be very chubby, blob-like, and overweight as a kid and got teased a lot.

My writing ability.

My ability to see through people and perceive things that many other people cannot.

Having a great memory.


Not being able to spend more time with my two little children because of my work. I am trying to change that.

I let certain people (eg., dumb people, loud-mouthed teenagers with an attitude, etc.) get on my nerves too easily.

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I like my personality, but also wish I didn’t have ADD.

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Probably my procrastination (I even procrastinate my procrastination – I’m forever working on it). My shyness and extremely intuitive/sensitive personality.

My compassion, gentleness and creativity.

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Dislike: I have a phosphorous like temper. I can be a bit bombastic.

Like: I am very positive and compassionate, my sense of humour and my intelligence.

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I like my sense of humour, my compassion and my taste in music, style etc

I dislike that I always think the worst which causes me endless anxiety and that I am easily irritated.

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