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Which girl is more compatible, why?

Asked by dandelionclockk (10points) April 28th, 2008

So theres this guy:
Sun Aquarius 27.06
Moon Pisces 15.37
Mercury Aquarius 16.31
Venus Pisces 22.29
Mars Gemini 8.18
Jupiter Leo 6.14 R
Saturn Aquarius 1.05
Uranus Capricorn 12.18
Neptune Capricorn 15.47
Pluto Scorpio 20.23
Lilith Sagittarius 22.16
Asc node Capricorn 27.58

And this girl:
Sun Libra 16.07
Moon Pisces 17.05
Mercury Scorpio 2.38
Venus Scorpio 17.08
Mars Cancer 14.00
Jupiter Virgo 29.43
Saturn Aquarius 11.51 R
Uranus Capricorn 14.09
Neptune Capricorn 16.14
Pluto Scorpio 21.30
Lilith Aquarius 29.13
Asc node Sagittarius 23.46
Ascendant Cancer

Then this other girl:
Sun Aries 4.39
Moon Aries 26.29 OR Taurus [hard to tell]
Mercury Pisces 10.38
Venus Aries 16.09 R
Mars Cancer 15.59
Jupiter Libra 10.28 R
Saturn Aquarius 25.56
Uranus Capricorn 21.45
Neptune Capricorn 20.56
Pluto Scorpio 25.20 R
Lilith Pisces 17.50
Asc node Sagittarius 15.10

Who do you think would be more compatible with the guy astrology-wise. Why? Why do you think so?

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The Computer Says No?

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I will take what is the second Alex please for $500.

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I think you want!

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@wildflower You’re too funny!!

@dandelionclockk I would think if you are able to chart that much information you would be able to get your answer from it. I hope you find the answer you seek.

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Why thank you (takes a bow). I try ;)

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Based on sun, moon and ascendant, I’d say probably girl #2, since both (based on the astrological info) would be more likely to operate as strong personalities and appreciate a good argument (her for the need to be right and he for the need to clarify the truth). Girl #1 would be more complementary to the guy in the sense that he’d be looking out for capital T truth and she’d be more likely to take into account everyone’s feelings on the matter and that sort of thing. Just a cursory read, of course.

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The Libra/Pisces girl is more compatible than the Aries/Aries-Taurus girl. Your Aquarius Sun would love the Aries/Aries, but your Pisces Moon will tire of the Aries “flash” and will lose interest. Since you have the same Moon as the Libra, you’re too similar to her and her reactions may be annoying because you will understand the reaction very well but it wouldn’t be what you would do. At face value, I’d go with the Libra/Pisces because Libra easily adapts to discord and turns it into harmony. Aside from your Sun and Moon signs, what do you feel is your next strongest planetary sign? I have Mars in Gemini also and personally feel this is one of my strongest signs. Whatever you feel is the strongest, most obvious planetary sign will have a major effect on making a good choice between the Aries or the Libra. Also what is your Chinese Zodiac “animal” and the Chinese Zodiac signs for the two girls?

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The guys chinese zodiac is the ram as the first girls is the monkey and the second girls is the rooster.

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By “Ram” you mean “Goat”, no? I need to be sure you don’t mean “Ox”. Also, I need your birthdate as you’re an Aquarius… were you born before or after Chinese New Year? Chinese New Year varies from one year to the next. Be careful if you were born in January or February when calculating your Chinese Zodiac Sign because if you were born before Chinese New Year, which can be anywhere from mid-January to mid-February, then your sign is the sign for the previous year!

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Yeah. By ram I mean goat. Birth date: Feb 16, 1991 [not sure what is meant by being born before or after Chinese new year.]
If needed:
the first girls dob: October 9, 1992
second girls: March 25, 1993

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Aries/Aries Rooster or a Libra/Pisces Monkey for an Aquarius/Pisces Goat? A Rooster is the most severe form of Aries. The Libra/Pisces Monkey might be very unfaithful while young. Skip them both, they’ll drive a Goat crazy. Find yourself a nice Pig or Rabbit girl. A Rabbit would suit an Aquarius best. Find a girl who’s 4 years older or 8 years younger than you – born in either 1987 or 1999. A Pig would be second best, born in 1995 or 1983.

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I think I need some photo’s just to be sure.

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