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Can you recommend a great eye creme?

Asked by pkuttner (150points) June 28th, 2011

I want to use an eye cream at night to help prevent wrinkles. I looked at one by Creme de La Mer. I also looked into Kiehls, Lush and Shikai. What do YOU use on your eyes at night to prevent wrinkles? Why do you like it?

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Better to use a hat, sun block and keep the sun off your face. That is the primary cause of wrinkles (other than smoking).

I use a plain vanilla Oil of Olay moisturizer on my face. Spending extra money on eye cream is only lining the pockets of the cream manufacturer.

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I use my mother’s anti-wrinkle genes to prevent wrinkles, but you might try Olay’s product line, with their Regenerist products. I’ve had great results with their stuff, though I haven’t tried the eye cream and their stuff is a lot less expensive than any of the department store things. My advice is to use a good moisturizer on your face with and SPF of at least 15 and never, ever put moisturizer on your face when is bone try. Put it on right after your shower, with your face just pat dryed and if it has dried pat a little water on it.

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The St. Ives Stress Gel. I used it for a couple of days and dark circles GONE. Don’t really know about wrinkles though.

My sister uses the Olay gel that comes in an itty bitty jar. She says it’s good.

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I was going to say La Mer hands down! I would drown myself in a vat of that stuff if I could. Sadly, it’s pricey. It’s very much worth it in my opinion. I’d avoid any Lush facial product – I stick with their bath bombs because all their face stuff breaks me out. I have very sensitive skin.

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@gailcalled is absolutely spot on. Stay out of the sun. Wear some sunscreen. If you do feel you need something again as @lillycoyote and @gailcalled said, research has shown the best creams are often the least fancy and expensive. I use Olay moisturiser (when I remember!) and it’s fine.

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I use Neutrogena or L’Occitane

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