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What's a nifty discovery you've made?

Asked by robmandu (21293points) April 28th, 2008

EXAMPLE – On a whim, I tried and was amazed to find that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will effortlessly remove soap scum buildup from shower glass. No prep. No mess. No spraying anything. Just a damp magic eraser and a couple of minutes… and months of buildup are flat gone. No smells. No fumes. Not another bottle of dedicated cleanser under the cabinet.

What’s have you recently discovered for yourself that surprised you by being blatantly awesome?

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I had an epiphany just the other day. I bought a Dremel, a small motorized rotary tool, a few months back and hadn’t really used it until recently. I noticed there were cloth, polishing attachments so I decided to see if I could buff out any scratches on a vintage, stainless steel watch I have. I hadn’t read anything about this, it was just an experiment. Within seconds the scratches were gone! I then moved on to the scratched crystal, and those came out too, though with much more polishing. I also found out that it does work on acrylic as well, but one needs to be very careful. FYI, the iPod screens are ACRYLIC, not glass. I found out the hard way and melted a small pit into it.

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Crazy glue is excellent for sealing small cuts on hands. Sealing the wound stops pain instantly. Nontoxic. Actually used in some surgeries. Crazy Glue is alot cheaper than “Liquid Bandage”. They’re both the same chemical – cyanoacrylic.

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The new iPod iTouch has a glass screen. But the battery cannot be changed by the user yet. One word for Apple: iBattery.

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@psyla- Did you know you can crazy glue the soles of shoes if they come apart? This friend I worked with at a law firm kept some in her desk drawer for this purpose.
You’re right, but the ‘classic’ definitely does not.

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I prefer Crazy Glue for my body, but on material objects the best glue is usually “JB Weld”.

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Good to know. You don’t drink the stuff do ya?

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Found this link to bridge my wireless card – connecting to a spare computer – and convert it into a wired setup to my home theater in another room. =)

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when i was a kid i thought i wanted a “slick” skateboard. it like a big thick sticker instead of paint. i was playing with gasoline and poured some in a styrofoam cup. it melted and turned into a clear goo almost like real thick polyurethane. i gathered all the styrofoam i could find and poured gas on it. i smeared this goo all over my board and it hardened. it wasnt what i hoped and it looked like crap but i had a slick! it also left a big spot in the middle of my parents driveway. of course my dad wanted to know why it was there and why was i wasting the lawnmower gas.

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In most cases if you’re being forced through long machine speeches on the phone and need a real person you can just hit “0” and it will redirect your call.

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Fingernail polish remover can remove permanent marker from a marker board.

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@psyla JB Weld is the bomb Great Answer….
And thanks to the Viet Nam Conflict…That’s how we got the Crazy Glue that we use today. The Medics used the same if not similar stuff to keep the wounded together…..

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So it’s totally safe to use on wounds?

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Keeping YOU (it) together Since 1969

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you can create a dashboard of bookmarks as icons on the Chrome browser:
when you create a book mark, right click to edit it, erase all the text in the “name” section only the icon will remain in the bookmark bar

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one way to find ppl on twitter by topic they tweet about

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