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Once a direct deposit form is submitted for your account how long does it take for deposits to start posting?

Asked by silky1 (1507points) June 28th, 2011

I recently had my godson submit a direct deposit for his employment checks (end of May) when should they start posting?

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Banks vary on how long it takes to process, and it can depend on when the employer submits it. He needs to ask them both what happened.

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My experience is two or three pay cycles. It may take more, but you should see a “ZERO” deposit at least once.

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In my experience, it’s been about 3 weeks.

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My employer processes requests for direct deposit once a month. If I miss that deadline by one day, then I might have to wait another 2–4 weeks beyond the next time my employer processes my direct deposit request.

In short, the answer is “it depends” based on your particular circumstance.

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It should take no more than two weeks.

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My employer says allow one month for the change to take place but it took about 3 weeks.

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