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What kind of bag do you use? (Details inside)

Asked by MilkyWay (13730points) June 29th, 2011

When you go out, shopping, work, school etc. What kind of bag do you take with you?
What size is it? What colour bag do you usually go for in these situations?
Will appreciate your help, this is for a survey. Thanks jellies :)

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I have a big nylon bag that I take for my main shopping, but if I just have to pick something up, or do a small-medium size shop, I don’t take one.

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I carry a brown leather messenger bag to and from work, and it’s my go-to for business trips or days out. I have a series of reusable grocery bags that I take t the store. And I have two separate bags to choose from for fun overnights: a backpack or a waterproof Timbuk2 messenger in Jamaican colors, which I sometimes use as a catch-all when I ride my bike on errands.

And of course a couple of suitcases for real travel: a brown roller carry-on and a larger, black bag for longer trips.

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I have a gun-metal grey purse, very simple and sleek for when I am a little bit dressier than every day wear. It’s probably a medium sized bag, with shorter straps.

In the summer if I’m dressed casually I have an oversized bag with a really long strap that I made. Very bohemian. It’s patchwork-ish, oranges and neutral tones… and easy to throw all of my crap and a bathing suit in there without any hassle.

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my black, Swiss Army camera bag. Holds one camera body, two lenses, accessories, my wallet and phone.

day off (when not shooting)
small, black satchel that sits on my hip. great for traveling light.

my heavy duty, black, Swiss Army backpack. This thing’s been around the world with me. It’s indestructible.

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I use a backpack .. the colour has washed away bits by bits .. it’s like the brick [ can’t recall the colour now ] .

I carry with me everywhere because is confy ^^

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I keep extra cheap plastic disposable (recyclable) grocery bags in my car. I use them for carrying stuff to and from the car, throwing out trash, returnable cans and bottles. When they get dirty I either bring them back to the store or toss them. No bag gets thrown away without being used at least twice.
I don’t like carrying something that I need to keep track of. If I bring something I will leave the bag with it.

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I have a myriad assortment of handled shopping bags I uses I mostly got from trade shows, They hold so much more than plastic or paper and so easy to carry into the house. I have a floppy leather man purse that carries my lap top and literature for when I make sales calls or attend trade shows.

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I just bought myself a DKNY tote bag for work, but usually I take my laptop bag without the lappy in it because it fits all my papers and crap. It is black.

I have a smaller handbag for if I go out to the cinema or something. It is also black.

I have a few clutch bags for when I go out somewhere nice. I mostly use a black one or a brown one.

I also have lots of like canvassy bags to carry books in.

I often don’t take a bag if I go out with my husband, but then he gets crabby with me because I say, can you put my phone in your pocket, or my spec case or all my credit cards etc. in his wallet…

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I have a small bag for my keys, phone and purse. I also have a basket type bag that I keep my umbrella, lunch, make up etc in. Two bags. Everything in the right place.

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I have three bags. One huge, with my makeup bag, a change of clothes, and other things that stays in my car until I get back home. One large, with my laptop, GPS, and other electronic devices. One medium, with my keys and cell phone, touch up makeup and other personal things.

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I have a briefcase for work.

I hate purses, so, I carry a wallet in my briefcase or this for bills, bills, bills (I got this for my birthday from Simone d B).

For groceries, I use these.

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I like to call mine Linda, she helps with the shopping. We think of her as a kind of…..slave, yeah that’s it!

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I carry a day pack to and from work, I have different one for flying, since I need more room.

I have some cloth bags and some “formerly plastic bottle” bags from various markets for groceries.

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I have a black leather messenger bag with tons of buttons on it for carrying my essential things.

It’s the best.

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I carry an olive green purse with a long adjustable strap and brass buttons. It was my antipickpocket purse for Italy because it has a big flap that buckles around it

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I don’t carry bags.

As for groceries, I put them in my anus.

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I have a blue leather handbag that has room for everything in it, but the stress of daily use is starting to show on the handles, so I usually put all my university books in a hot pink tote bag. These days I never buy bags that can’t fit an A4 folder.

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I carry my ID, credit cards and cell phone in a fanny pack. We keep reusable grocery bags in the car for everything else.

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I have two bags for shopping. One’s a hand-me-down from a pal from Whole Foods, but it’s small. The other is a canvas-y type bag made from recycled water bottles that I got for volunteering in Times Square on Earth Day a couple of years ago. It’s very roomy.

As for my day-to-day handbags, just about everything I buy is from the vintage store or thrift shop. I’ve been able to score some amazing stuff, so I’m able to vary my bags from week to week. One week, it’ll be a cloth tote, the next a vintage 70s Coach bag and the next some funky woven leather “sack” purse from India.

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For work days, I have a small tote bag that holds my wallet, keys, two bottles of water, a library book, my cell phone and a pen. It is pink, yellow, orange and blue striped with black handles. It’s the size of the mini one in this picture.

On non-work days, I use a brown purse that holds my wallet, cell phone keys, a couple of pens and a whole lot of paper that I haven’t cleaned out. It looks sort of like this but darker brown and no buckles on the straps/handles.

I love that both of these bags have little pockets inside that are perfect for my cell phone!

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I use whatever the grocery store offers unless it’s a smaller group of items and then I ask for a paper bag.

If you’re asking about handbags, I’ve gone one in just about every color of leather and I switch them up depending on the time of year and what outfits I choose for work.

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I use a Timbuk2 messenger pretty much wherever I go. School, work, groceries, travel, whatever. It’s usually got a laptop, a few school books, and a water bottle in it, plus miscellaneous things like cell phone chargers, etc. I’ve had the thing for 4 years now and it still holds up, even after multiple pens exploded in it and dropped on the ground and everything.

I kinda love it to death.

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I have a large black nylon backpack that I’ve been using for several months now (replacing a slightly smaller, but better quality backpack). I use this one because I can carry two laptops, my lunch, and extra food items (a 5# block of cheese, or a bag of apples, both of which I have for breakfast at work, or a box of cookies, crackers, nuts & wasabi peas that I spread out over many lunches, etc.) and do it comfortably.

I used to do the same thing in a nylon computer bag (black), but the backpack is so much easier on my shoulders, since the weight is equalized, and it leaves my hands free.

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If I’m out for the day, I usually use a backpack – a red Roots Canadian one, with a bit of white and black on it.

If need to use something smaller, I use a black MEC tavel shoulder bag. I don’t own any purses – I have a wallet.

For shopping, I use the cloth reusable bags.

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It’s an old dog- eared cheapo back pack that sits behind the seat of my truck. It has many compartments but they all have separated so it doesn’t matter which zipper I use, it opens up to the same compartment now. So really it’s even better.

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I have a ton of different purses that I alternate carrying with me. I’ve got a bit of a purse fetish. I also have several of the reusable, cloth grocery bags for when I go to the grocery store. When it comes to other bags, if I purchase a lot of items, I just take whatever bags they put my stuff in.

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@Mikewlf337 Interesting…
Thank you so much guys, your answers ahve been very helpful ;)
@KatetheGreat Yep. Messenger bags rock!

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@jailbait hopefully some people got a few chuckles out of it lol.

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