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Is there anything I can put or spray on our cedar doghouse to stop the puppy from chewing and eating it?

Asked by angiesquestion (24points) June 29th, 2011

We bought this doghouse but now they are eating it. The puppy is puking shreds of cedar. I didn’t know if they make a repellant that I could put on there that would taste bad. I tried painting hot sauce on it but, the next day they were eating it again.

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My dogs did the same constantly. I found giving them rawhide chews tended to distract them some. There’s also a deer repellant called Hinder that helped a little.

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Have you tried giving them something else to chew on? Kong toys are like heaven for puppies. It keeps them from getting bored… and they will always have a desire to chew. It is just in their nature.
Offer them something more appealing than the dog house.

Also, although @Adirondackwannabe suggested rawhide chews, some people prefer not to give rawhide to puppies. It can be difficult for them to digest properly. I don’t know if that is accurate, but I’ve heard it many times. I would look into whether or not it is healthy for puppies in their age range. Definitely on track with giving them something else to gnaw on, though.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Very good point. My dogs adopted me when they were older, not as puppies. Maybe not such a good idea for puppies.

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That, and keep them busy. Tire them out (exercise, training, making them think). I think you are dealing with both boredom and the need to chew.

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Get one of these Treat dispensing toys

Put some of its kibble in the toy, this will keep the dog occupied and fed.

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Puppies need to chew. Most likely anything you do to the house will not help. You need to have them chew on puppy safe foods and toys. And, as stated above, puppies need to be worn out through exercise 2–3 times per day.

After a mile or two, your pup will be too tired to bother chewing on his house.

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Spray pepper spray on the dog house.

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