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Blacklisted email?

Asked by JessicaRTBH (1816points) June 29th, 2011 from iPhone

So I emailed a person who may or may not want to communicate with me anymore. It appears that the email was not received but rather ‘bounced back’ the message in the subject line said ‘blacklisted due to insufficeint funds’.. Is this some kind of message telling me I’ve been blocked or that this person’s work may not have money? I’ve never seen anything like it. PS it would not be referring to my money because this was a personal relationship never anything involving payment.

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What email did you send that this was the response? I’ve never seen such an email. Do you have insufficient funds, or does your recipient?

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The email I sent was an apology to the person (who probably doesn’t want to speak anymore) at their work address. Although, it’s a small company where that person is one of two people. I just had never received a message like that before and was hopeful that I wasn’t really just ‘blacklisted’..

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It was indeed that person blocking me in case anybody was curious. I’ve still never seen that before and the ‘insufficient funds’ part was rather confusing to me that’s all.

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I think, the person blocked you, I heard about a service that allow user to block any person to send emails. May he also used this service and blocked your email ID. One thing you can try to send email with your another email ID.

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@geebseye – indeed. it was a blocking. I’m not desperate enough to try from another email now that I know it was blocked. It’s clear they don’t want to communicate. How would you know said person is a male? just curious

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