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What would you do with 10 $2 bills?

Asked by Aethelwine (41212points) June 29th, 2011

Do you think the cashier at the gas station will look at me like I’m trying to fool her if I try to pay for gas with these bills?

Should I cash them in at the bank just to be safe?

Serious question. It’s all the money I have until Friday, and I don’t want any cashiers giving me a hard time.

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Spend them like normal. If anyone won’t take them, ask to speak to their manager.

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Money is money. Do as @Mamradpivo says.

Or hit the strip club and tip 10 dancers.

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If someone has a problem it’s THEIR problem, not yours. Spend them. They are legal tender.

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They are fine to spend. And you may have a pleasant conversation too!

For a minute I though this was posted by my son. When we went to Washington DC a few years back I bought him a sheet of 18 $2 bills at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing as a souvenir. I was afraid he’d cut out some of the bills.

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@zenvelo They belonged to my grandfather. He kept them hoping they’d be worth something some day. We found out they are each worth, $2! lol

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If you don’t want to go about spending $2 bills, I’d go to the bank and get them cashed for some other bills. They are completely legal to use, though.

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What dates were they issued? if they are the old $2 bill they are definately worth more than $2.

Even the new issue $2 bills can be worth more if they are first day editions.

Take them to a coin shop to see what they are worth.

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@WestRiverrat 1976. My parents looked into it and they were told of the value. They do have some they are keeping that are worth more. Maybe I’ll inherit those some day (and I won’t waste those on gas for the car) ;)

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On a side note, when the Sacajawea dollars first came out, my dad had a bunch of them. At the airport in San Diego, he had to buy his bottle of water for the flight home with his credit card because the clerk “didn’t want his damn funny foreign money”

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I had no idea $2 bills were even a denomination in the US.
You learn something new everyday.

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I’d go to the bank and exchange em for pounds :D

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I would keep them because I think they are cool.

I once had a mall security guard called on me by a girl working at Sbarro because she thought I was trying to pass off counterfeit money. The money in question was a $2 bill. The security guard laughed and the girl was very embarrassed. She had no idea that $2 bills existed.

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Pick a cross eyed cashier to make it 20 bucks. It’s only Wednesday you know.

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If it were me, I’d exchange them at the bank, just to avoid any potential problems with spending them.

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@Seelix As long as it does not mean spending 2 bucks to get there?

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@mazingerz88 – Well, yes; assuming that you wouldn’t have to spend them to get to the bank. I’ve seen a few instances of Canadian 2-dollar bills being refused, and they stopped being printed in 1996.

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I used them as tips on a cruise ship. We were treated really well :-)

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You could register them at and watch how they move from person to person. It’s a fun diversion.

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I went ahead and exchanged them at the bank. The teller gave me a huge smile. She said she has many customers who ask for $2 bills, but the bank can’t order them. It looks like I’ve made someone’s day. =)

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Keep one of them though, thats nifty

dang, too late

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Don’t take them to Best_Buy.

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@WestRiverrat holy fuck, leg irons? And they blame the cops retardation because of 9–11. Seriously, americans need to quit using that as an excuse.

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Give them to street musicians! I get a ton of them in my box. If someone (a kid, usually) is really interested in one, I usually give it away since I always get more.

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@jonsblond . . . Where the fuck did my paycheck go and why do all of these Monopoly twenties have the zeros marked off of them?!?

@aprilsimnel . . . best. movie. ever.

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I miss mine. I had about four and they were all stolen out of my jewelry armoire.

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