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What would you do in this scenario? (Details inside).

Asked by MilkyWay (13705points) June 29th, 2011

Let’s imagine, that you had to leave your home for whatever reason, and not be able to come back. You have a little money, around $1500 or so. You cannot carry much, as you have no contact with which to stay. You have no family or friends with which you can stay for more than a few days, let’s say 4 or 5. After that you have to move on.
Where would you go? What will you take with you? How will you get to your destination?
Please bear in mind that you have limited money and no access to any bank accounts or anything like that. You literally have whatever you can carry upon your back. What would you do?
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I’d stock up my camp pack and grab my guns and just go to the woods.

With little money, I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

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Do you plan on doing this?

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@Jude Why do you ask that?

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I’d work on repairing the “whatever reason”, at least temporarily, to allow for more time to save more money and develop a specific plan of action rather than jump into a shark infested pool not even knowing how to swim.

If that were not a possibility, then I’d approach a church or shelter and ask for refuge.

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$500 can buy a decent tent and some camping gear, including a small backpack. Emergency rations can go a long way when you have to draw them out. And I agree with @KatetheGreat… a gun ( or two ) along makes all the difference.

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If I had a destination, I would probably head to a bus depot and buy a ticket.

Before I did anything, I would find out what options I had with respect to hostels, YMCA/YWCA temporary residences, jobs, etc. I would, in fact, do a good bit of research and make a plan. Availability of options would be a big factor in choosing a destination.

I would also try to be 18 or older.

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Contact the Red Cross.

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I would buy a bow and arrows, a knife, flint and steel, and some cans of food. I would then flee to the woods.

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I’d migrate to the Himalayas and become a Monk.
Chop wood, carry water.
But I’d have to bring my goose in a backpack. “Spare some bread sir?” lol

Have you ever heard of

Travelers can find lodging and a meal in private homes in the couch surfing community which is global. Like home hospices. :-)

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I’d work on getting a job so I wouldn’t need to become homeless…or two or three

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I’d hitchhike to northern Wisconsin. $1500 will get me a few months rent on a tiny one bedroom apartment up there. That would give me time to find a job and live in an area of the country I love.

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I’d run off and join a circus or perhaps the military if they will have me.

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I’d buy a cheap van and live in it.Maybe park in front of all your homes.XD

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If you’re thinking of doing this, @jailbait, just use the money to buy a plane ticket and come live with me. See? It’s simple!

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Go around the world doing new things everyday like Forrest Gump

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If you’re planning to move away for good, I would go whereever I think I’ll find a decent job because $1500 will run out like you never had it. Trust me, done it…. :|

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Cheap apartment somewhere. I’m not sure where… would need to be close to a big enough city that I could get a job doing something I’m actually good at. Then work doing anything and try to find a job that pays well (and hopefully one I like). Check into government programs for people in my situation. Etc…

All entertainment would come from the library.

All food would be cooked at home, as cheap as possible while making sure I have energy to work really hard each day.

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I would stop, sit down and think the situation through. Why am I considering this? Do I have other options? What are my job skills? Can I support myself? Then buy a bunch of beef jerky, some granola, and go sit in the woods for a bit to think it over some more.

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I’ve been very impressed with your thoughtful maturity level @jailbait . Your comments have always been beyond your years. I trust you will exhibit as much insight, foresight, and patience when it comes to making big decisions for your own life.

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$1500? Shit, to me that’s like a million bucks.

I’d take the greyhound/chinatown bus to a place with a lower cost of living, for starters. Then I’d rent a tiny apartment or a room, find a job waiting tables (instant cash) and eat most of my meals at the restaurant. The place I lived and worked would be in the city so I could get around on my bike or by public transit. I’d carefully save my money and enroll in community college classes after a few months. Eventually I’d make friends with my roommates, co-workers, or classmates, find a better job, move to a better place, and get a car.

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@KatetheGreat I’d love to do that ;)
@Photosopher I will. Thank you :)

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LOL! Park it on our land. People in Texas don’t give a crap what you do as long as you keep things relatively clean. : ))

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