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Any ideas on what this health affliction might be (see details)?

Asked by Mariah (24656points) June 29th, 2011

I know Fluther isn’t the place to get medical advice; I’ll see a doctor of course, but no one has ever been able to diagnose me before. I’m just looking for suggestions.

I think I’m starting to get a respiratory infection that I’ve had twice before but that has never been diagnosed. I’ve gotten it once per year the past three years, but it doesn’t happen at a particular time of year. For a week or two before I get any severe symptoms, I feel short of breath and like my lungs aren’t filling all the way, which gives me the urge to yawn a lot. Then I’ll wake up one morning with sharp chest pain (it feels like it’s from my lungs) that radiates into my shoulder. Chest x-rays have never shown anything. No cough. Lying down makes the pain a lot worse. I can’t draw in deep breaths without extreme pain. Doctors have guessed at pleurisy but it’s odd that I never have a cough or any visible inflammation. I had thought that it was a side effect from a heavy-duty med that I used to take (it has high risk of respiratory infection) but I have been off that med for seven months now, so I’m quite distressed to be finding out that this is something I’m still going to have to deal with…

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It sounds like pleurisy to me. I get respiratory infections, and this is common for me

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@SpatzieLover Actually, now that I’m reading the wikipedia article, it sounds like a much closer fit than the article I linked above. It even says inflammatory bowel disease, which I have, is a potential cause.

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I also wanted to chime in with pleurisy.

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Have you been living in the same place since you have been afflicted?

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@Mariah Has anyone checked for environmental causes from where you live? Black mold, insulation, etc.?

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@Russell_D_SpacePoet Hmm, no… but it always clears up in about a week, and I would think that wouldn’t happen if it were from something in my house? Don’t know for sure, though.

I think it is probably just caused by my ridiculously overactive immune system – apparently a lot of autoimmune diseases can trigger pleurisy. Bleh :(

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I’m sorry to say @Mariah that’s true. Your immune system is most likely the cause of this pain :(

I hope you heal quickly. Take it easy & get in a nap if you can.

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@SpatzieLover Thanks. By now I pretty much know what to expect; I’ll be fine in a week. I just hope this doesn’t continue happening annually for the rest of my life. :(

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it has for me :(

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@Mariah Well, i had friend who had similar problems. His infections would clear up also, but come back eventually. They tracked it down to mold in his house. His immune system would get it’s fill of the spores, he would get sick then get over it in a week or so. A month or 2 later, same thing. Just thought it might be something you could check in your own house.

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