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What are some fun hobbies that you don't need two hands to do?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) June 29th, 2011

I screwed up my right hand pretty badly and it’s not going to be usable for the next 6 weeks or so.

I won’t be able to do many of my normal hobbies. Shooting a rifle isn’t very easy, cooking with one hand is ridiculous, surfing is pretty much out of the question, and I won’t be able to perform on my beach volleyball team until it heals.

What can I do to replace these activities?

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You can practice your texting! Thats what I did when I broke my left wrist, and my hand was covered in a cast.

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@josie I already do a lot of painting, but this may be a time where I can really do more of it!

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Your hand will heal my child. All I can do is float around. I’ve been doing that for years. Maybe you could watch television and…ZOUNDS!!! IT HAS COLOUR!!

Hmm…no idea. Maybe you could check out some movies, or read. Do you like those things? Take walks?

There ya go; painting, if you enjoy that.

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give your right hand a gorgeous nail polish job!

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@Some_Ghost I’m afraid that if I sit down, I will succumb to my desires and eat too much ice cream and junk food, then spiral downward into a life of being a couch potato.

I already read and all that jazz, but I love to be active and go outdoors.

@sliceswiththings Hehehe, I look ridiculous with nail polish on!

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@KatetheGreat If you like being outside, how about hiking? Or at least light hiking, where you don’t have to carry around a big sack or anything that would require a second hand to do. Any cool places in your area that might complement that?

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@Symbeline My only concern would be my safety. I hike almost every day, but in my area, there is a lot of land that you have to hack your way through to get anywhere. It’d be physically troubling with one arm.

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What did you do to your hand?

Hmm..well hiking is a good idea, swimmings out, can float on a raft or inner tube.
Bird watching! You can hang binoculars around your neck and you only need one hand to look.
The focusing might be a challenge though. haha

Get a field guide and a pair of binocs and see how many species you can identify.

You can hike and bird watch.

Be careful with your neck though, you could get Warblers neck from looking up into trees for hours. lol

And, you can blow soap bubbles, one hand, one wand, set the bottle on the table.

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Got a piano?

After World War 1, especially, lots of soldiers came home missing a hand. As a result, there was a significant amount of piano music written for only one hand. This one, for example.

Also, reading.

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@KatetheGreat Erm okay, nevermind that idea. Light hiking doesn’t need a machete. What do you usually like to do? Maybe we can improvise somehow.

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Make a video ” One girl, 2 wands, one bottle” lol

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@laureth I play piano constantly, but I’m not used to the whole one handed thingy.

@Symbeline, I like to shoot guns, hike, surf, play soccer, play beach volleyball, play guitar, play piano, photography, basketball, and softball.

@Coloma, oh dear, that sounds interesting!

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Man, there is a really obvious thing I can think of that only takes one hand.

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@KatetheGreat Is it possible to shoot a pistol with one hand? Maybe that?

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@nikipedia If you’re thinking of what I’m thinking, I was giggling at the thought before I posted this question.

@Symbeline Of course it is. I just have a whole arsenal of rifles that I will miss. :(

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@KatetheGreat Well, you’ll see those again soon. :) I keep picturing myself in your position, and there isn’t much I can think of that I could do, besides movies and some video games. Get drunk lol?

I didn’t say that. XD

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@Symbeline Of course I’ll do that.

By the way. I’m thinking that we should get together sometime and drink. It’d be awesome.

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@KatetheGreat I’m up for that. I know you travel a lot, let me know if you end up in the eastern end of Canada, or below that. We’ll get fucked up. :)

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@Symbeline Definitely! I might be going on a giant road trip to see a lot of my friends at the end of this summer. You’d be on the list. :)

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Dancing! You’ll use your arm to an extent, but not really your hand, and if something hurts to do, then don’t do it. Just put some music on and let your body move!

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I admit my first though was nsfw

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Semi auto with a bench rest? Hey its a skill that might come in handy one day.

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Practice salutes in the mirror? Heh.
Throw some darts?

Oh, you will so like this one…

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Arm wrestling
Dwarf slapping

Sounds like an olympic timetable.

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@mazingerz88 Hahahaha I’d love to master that one.

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Counting your friends on the fingers of one hand. ~

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Harmonica is typically held in the left hand.

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@KatetheGreat How are you ever going to play your cello!?

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