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Why does drano clean the tub?

Asked by mowens (8392points) June 29th, 2011

If I clean and scrub the tub, it takes a lot of energy, and still looks dirty. Drano appears to clean that stuff right up. Why is this, and how do I take advantage of it?

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Lye residue in your tub is no fun. Don’t do it.

As to why it works; lye+fats (like body oils)=soap.

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That stuff is seriously strong don’t touch it !
You’re basically etching the stuff off the porcelain with a base (anti-acid).
If you want to use a chemical-bomb product try one that is designed for the application, way less toxic, like that scrubbing bubbles stuff.

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But it’s so easy! :)

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It might be easy but it could cause damage at the micro level etching grooves in the porcelain where dirt gathers more quickly while weakening the structure. Read the instructions. It’s not even supposed to be used on pipes frequently.

You can put pure alcohol in your car too, and increase the power to mileage performance. But it’s bad for the car.

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Comet cleanser is 99% less dangerous and just as effective.

Also use blue Scotch brite pads. Sponges just don’t make sense after you learn to use the pads.

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Too late. He already did it.

Between that and the radiation burn marks in my walls this is not going to be a fun conversation with the landlord

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Is your bathtub porcelain, acrylic, marble or fibreglass?

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@mowens “But it’s so easy!” Yes, it’s easy to dissolve your plumbing and fixtures, and especially the joints between them with any more than absolutely necessary usage of stuff like that.

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@PluckyDog Yes. :) I have no clue.

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