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Do companies really buy and sell your personal information?

Asked by AshlynM (10592points) June 29th, 2011

Like email addresses, phone numbers, street address.

I’m guessing yes, since that’s the only way for telemarketers and others to obtain my phone number when I know I didn’t give it to them.

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Absolutely they do. That information is gold.

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Some states used to sell the names and addresses of registered drivers. Not sure if that happens anymore.

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To expand on this without hijacking but, are they allowed to contact us on our cell #‘s?

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Yes. I just got an OK! magazine mailed to me with my name on it. That’s like the Pope receiving a Hustler magazine! They wasted their magazine on me, I mean were they really expecting me to read about Kim Kardashian’s $10M wedding, the exclusive truth on Pippa’s lovelife, Selena and Bieber’s pregnancy rumors, Jennifer Anniston’s engagement news…er, what the?! Brad Pitt’s filming World War Z in Malta?! Omigod, omigod, omigod! Gotta tell @symbeline!

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@woodcutter – until you tell them it’s a cell phone number, yes

But they can’t call you with an autodialer and if you ask them not to contact you again by phone, they’re supposed to respect that.

Because they can’t use an autodialer, that means if they get you on the cell phone it’s either forwarded or someone dialed it manually.

FTC/FCC info on cell phones and telemarketers

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Yes. Here is just one source.

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Mega dollar business.

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